"140 kanals of land identified for hi-density plantation at ACHD Zainapora."

Srinagar, June 24: Director of Horticulture for Kashmir, GR Mir, travelled to the Zainapora site of the Advanced Centre for Horticulture Development (ACHD) in Shopian in order to scout out potential locations for the various parts of the project “Production of Designer Plants for High-Density Plantation and Rejuvenation of Orchards,” which is part of the larger Holistic Agriculture Development Plan (HADP).

The region’s horticulture industry is set to be transformed by this landmark undertaking.


The purpose of the trip was to evaluate the 140 kanals of land that will be used to set up the various parts of the project, each of which will be instrumental in ensuring the availability of high-quality planting material, which in turn will make it easier to grow high-quality crops and encourage the revitalization of orchards.

Director of Horticulture had thoughtful conversations on the development of HADP’s many parts, all the while stressing the need for careful forethought and preparation.

Director of Horticulture carefully assessed the visit’s needs and required provisions to ensure the project’s smooth launch.

He saw the need of growing high-quality seedlings to fulfil strict quality requirements and emphasised this throughout his efforts.

In addition, Mir evaluated the farm’s efficiency at the Advanced Centre for Horticultural Development. This all-encompassing review looked at how the farm ran, from how well it followed standards to how creatively it used new methods.



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