Bandipora needs to come up with ideas for how to handle floods
Bandipora needs to come up with ideas for how to handle floods

Bandipora, June 27: On Tuesday, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Bandipora, Dr. Owais Ahmad, led a meeting of officers to talk about how ready the district is for a flood.

At the meeting, people talked about the District Disaster Management Plan and how ready they were to prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters, especially storms.


Dr. Owais took stock of the supplies, the number of people and machines, the instant reaction system, the communication module, and the plans for getting aid items to the people who needed them as soon as possible.

He told the cops and line departments to be ready for anything and to make sure that everyone responds quickly.

He also said that people should do practise drills to make sure they were ready for any emergency.

Dr. Owais, who is also the Chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) in Bandipora, held a full talk on how to update the list of resources, hold mock drills, and follow other standard operating procedures (SOPs) in case of floods.

He told the Irrigation department to check the banks of all the bodies of water to find any weak spots so that all the banks could be made stronger. He also told them to stack sandbags in certain places so that they could be moved as quickly as possible if they were needed.

The people in charge gave a thorough talk about the places that are likely to flood and the steps that are being taken to protect them.

The DDC asked the officers to come up with plans for dealing with floods and stressed that control rooms needed to be set up at the district, tehsil, and block levels to make sure they worked all the time.

To keep water from getting stuck during the rainfall, orders were given to find weak spots and clean deep drains and nallahs.

As a safety step, he asked the relevant offices to have tents, boats, sandbags, life jackets, and other relief tools ready, as well as drainage pumps in places that could flood.



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