"BJP is afraid of holding assembly elections."

Jammu, June 17: Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, a former minister and top leader of the National Conference, criticised the BJP today for denying democracy in Jammu and Kashmir by not having long-awaited elections to the legislative assembly.

He said that BJP is afraid of losing and getting angry with the people. Sadhotra said in a statement that the BJP leadership could feel the public mood and anger, even in its small “core constituency,” because of policies that hurt the people and failures on all fronts over the past nine years. This is why the party is afraid to face the voters, Sadhotra said.


He said that Jammu and Kashmir had gotten the worst of the BJP’s totalitarian rule because of the removal of Articles 370 and 35-A, which took away the constitutional rights of real people to jobs and land and turned the biggest Maharaja’s State into a Union Territory. “This is not what even some die-hard BJP members in Jammu had hoped for, even though they were initially happy about the political events of August 2019. “They, too, are angry and openly criticising the party leadership for putting J&K in an embarrassing position where residents, especially the young, have nothing but a dark future to look forward to,” he said.

Sadhotra went right after the BJP for not keeping their promise to give Jammu and Kashmir independence, which they did in Parliament. He said that this shows that the country still thinks like a colony and doesn’t understand politics.

Mr. Sadhotra said that Jammu’s erratic power and water supply during these hot summers is the worst example of irresponsible and unaccountable government. He was talking about the failures of the BJP Double Engine Government to ensure development and smooth operation of various utility services. The people have been pretty much left on their own. Nothing on the ground shows that anything is changing, so the government can only talk about it.



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