Freedom for everyone is the largest development in J&K, says LG on the fourth anniversary of Article 370's repeal
Nadia Farooq

During this month’s “Awaam Ki Awaaz” function, which took place on June 18 in Srinagar, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha emphasised the efforts of the UT Government to promote public engagement in government and to work with commitment towards nation building. He said that it was necessary to separate the factors that were preventing the J&K from progressing.

“Awaam Ki Awaz is making people’s imaginative ideas into a reality,” the organisation says. According to what the Lieutenant Governor had to say, “nothing can stop the progress of a modern society if there is a change in our thinking and a deep sense of purpose for the prosperity of all and the preservation of cultural heritage.”


It is essential that the betterment of society, the well-being of its people, and the construction of nations become the top priorities of every single person. This is the most successful time in J&K’s history. He made the observation that all of society should unite into one mind and one soul and work cooperatively to make their hopes and desires come true in Amrit Kaal.

According to the statement made by the Lieutenant Governor, we need to go ahead in a unified manner and eliminate any obstacle that stands in the way of the complete development of Jammu and Kashmir.

In both rural and urban regions, there is a need to separate the factors that are holding the J&K back. This is necessary in order for the creative powers of the society to be able to work as a cohesive group towards the common objective of making India the new economic powerhouse of the globe, as he said.

The Lieutenant Governor expressed her admiration for the efforts that Sopore’s daughter Mufara Majeed had made to construct a solar-powered boat, as well as her commitment to battling climate change and advancing green development. She said this as she was sharing the uplifting success stories of women heroes and green warriors. He went on to say that these individual modest actions will result in significant transformations along the path to sustainable development.

Women have the potential to be the most effective builders of society. The Lieutenant Governor made the observation that their firm determination, tenacity, and ability serve as a solid basis for the advancement of both the country and the society.

He stated that the success of the Duggar Dhani Self Help Group, which was founded by the women of Kheral village in Reasi in partnership with the District Administration, JKRLM, and J&K Tourism, is a positive sign of J&K’s socio-economic progress and women’s empowerment.

The Syed Darakhsa of Budgam embodies the qualities of utmost bravery and power. The Lieutenant Governor said that in her role as leader of a women’s self-help artisans group consisting of ten members, she is writing a success narrative by using creative designs, packaging, and marketing.

He said that the women’s self-help groups in Jammu and Kashmir have the capability of carving out their own unique niche in the international market. In addition, the Lieutenant Governor issued an order to the Rural Livelihood Mission, the District Administration, the J&K Trade Promotion Organisation, the Industries and Commerce Department, and all of the other relevant stakeholders, instructing them to coordinate their efforts.

The Lieutenant Governor also singled out the Para-Archer, Sheetal Devi, for particular recognition. She is a real champion who serves as an example to everyone around her. He remarked that her success at the Para Archery World Ranking Tournament has inspired fresh hopes and ambitions in the younger generation and provided J&K UT with a source of strength.

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir praised the crucial role that Jammu and Kashmir’s Panchayats have played in the preservation, restoration, and protection of water bodies in the Union Territory.

“Mission Amrit Sarovar has witnessed an enthusiastic response in all of Jammu Kashmir’s Panchayats, and this is also a vindication of our unwavering commitment to revitalise the water bodies,” said the spokesperson for the project. According to the Lieutenant Governor, “It is a symbol of a resurgent J&K and the strength of Jan-Bhagidari.”

He urged each and every Panchayat to challenge one another in a friendly contest to create the Amrit Sarovar that is the most aesthetically pleasing. On the occasion of Independence Day, three exceptional Panchayats should be chosen and honoured, and this could be done by online voting on MyGov J&K, he said.

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir extended his congratulations to the people of Jammu Kashmir on the successful execution of the G20 conference one month ago. He went on to say that we have had an incredible reaction, particularly from young people, regarding the promotion of tourism.

He made a special mention of Arifa Ara from Budgam, Javed Ahmed from Anantnag, and Abhishek Sharma from Kishtwar for their valuable suggestions regarding raising public awareness about environment-friendly products and promotion of plastic substitutes such as jute bags and maize starch bags in the market; strengthening of facilities for persons with disabilities at prominent tourist locations; and promotion of adventure tourism and water sports. All three of these men live in Anantnag.

In addition to that, he discussed the comments that he had received from Shahid Hussain Rather of Anantnag, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani of Budgam, and Abrar Mir of Doda about changes in the Fisheries Sector and their influence on tourism, the promotion of ecotourism, and generic pharmaceuticals.

The Lieutenant Governor, while speaking about the preparations that have been taken for the Shri Amarnath ji Yatra beginning on July 1st, urged for the active involvement of every citizen.

This journey is also a sign of the betterment of mankind as a whole, the advancement of all segments of society, and the sharing of innovative ideas. According to his observations, “this Yatra is also linked to the local economy and employment opportunities.”

Since ancient times, members of every religious denomination and the wider community came together to provide a warm welcome to devotees who have travelled from all across the country. According to the Lieutenant Governor, the success of this year’s Yatra as well as the festival of culture and spirituality is dependent on the active involvement of all of the inhabitants.

In addition to this, he issued a call to action to all of the relevant educational institutions, organisations, important individuals, and other stakeholders, imploring them to educate people from all segments of society on the advantages of yoga and to urge them to include yoga into their daily lives.

“On this day dedicated to yoga, let us rejoice in the feeling of connection we share with each other, our society, and the world.” According to the Lieutenant Governor, “Yoga helps to keep the mind and body healthy, it frees us from stress, and it inspires us to live a balanced and happy life.”



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