Rajnath Singh, the defence minister, will gather soldiers in Siachen to celebrate Holi.
Rajnath Singh, the defence minister, will gather soldiers in Siachen to celebrate Holi.

On November 26, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will go to Jammu to evaluate the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir and speak at a “security conclave.”

According to reports, the Union Minister of Defence will fly into the winter capital early Monday morning to speak at the Zorawar Singh Auditorium for a “Security Conclave” hosted by the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the Bharatiya Janata Party.


He will also meet with top BJP party leaders at the party’s Trikuta Nagar headquarters to examine the state of political security in Jammu & Kashmir.

According to official sources, Rajnath Singh will spend the day of June 26 in Jammu, where he will visit the BJP headquarters to evaluate the state of the party’s preparations for the next elections and the current political climate in Jammu and Kashmir.

After speaking at the security summit, Rajnath will meet with UT unit office bearers and senior officials at the BJP’s Trikuta Nagar headquarters to discuss the current security situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Defence Minister will evaluate the party’s readiness for the next assembly elections, which are overdue and have been demanded by the BJP UT unit despite the fact that no such elections are currently scheduled to take place.

Before the BJP convention, Rajnath Singh will speak at the first Security Conclave to an audience of distinguished veterans, authors, journalists, and other top security specialists. He will engage in conversation with them and probably answer their questions thereafter.

The head of the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir, Ravinder Raina, has previously said that the next “security conclave” will be “completely non-political.”

He also said that the list of invited guests was being finalised, and that it will include “defence experts, retired senior army officers, intellectuals, writers, media persons, and think tanks from different parts of the Union Territory.”

The BJP has various events planned over the next month as part of its “Maha Jan Sampark Abhiyan” to celebrate the end of nine years of Modi’s rule.

On June 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also speak to the booth-level workers of the BJP in Jammu & Kashmir and the rest of the nation.



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