Administration disputes claims that stone-pelting attacks on Yatries were fake news: Administration
Nadia Farooq

19 July, Srinagar:The government denied the false assertions and charges made in a video of stone-pelting on yatries that went viral on social media.

The government claimed that a little disagreement among the poniwallas themselves was to blame for the event in a handout sent to GNS.


For the comfort of the Shri Amarnathji Yatra pilgrims, the government has made all necessary provisions for the smooth operation of the yatries.

Since the yatra’s inception, the local population has taken the lead in making it effective by providing their steadfast services. This yatra serves as a shining example of human solidarity, social peace, and fraternity.
This yatra symbolizes spirituality and has made a significant contribution to J&K’s economic growth.

The film was made with the nefarious goal of dividing communities, sowing discord, and upsetting a tranquil yatra.

All pilgrims who have been to the Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji have praised the excellent services and attested to the smooth yatra.
It is important to note that the administration is dedicated to making sure that yatries and all parties engaged in yatras are safe and secure. The government has taken serious notice of the occurrence and instructed the police to punish those responsible severely and file a police report against rumour mongers. The message also asks social media users to stop disseminating false information.



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