Central University of Kashmir launches UG Honors programmes
Central University of Kashmir launches UG Honors programmes

Srinagar, Oct. 8: The Central University of Kashmir (CUK) has responded to a recent news story that said, “CUK again floats open mode entry for PG courses as admissions dip.”

The CUK has vigorously disputed the veracity of the report’s assertions, claiming that they are not supported by factual data and may offer an erroneous picture of the institution.


According to the statement, the worried reporter stated that “there are few takers from the CUK’s academic programmes,” which is completely untrue.

The UGC has given stringent instructions to fill all unfilled seats; hence, an open admission call has been issued, it said. “The admission process is nearly complete in most of the departments,” it added.

According to the university, the UGC has issued “Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Central Universities to fill up the vacant seats” and has instructed all Central Universities to fill up all open seats.

The letter states that keeping the seats empty for the full academic year not only wastes money but also prevents many students who want to attend Central Universities for further education from receiving a great education. Therefore, in its 572nd meeting on September 20, 2023, the Commission established a set of standard operating procedures for all central universities to use in filling open seats.

“The Central University of Kashmir, proactive, followed the SOP to fill the vacant seats in a few disciplines, and as the author has claimed, there are few takers for the academic programmes; the sentence is fully opinionated rather than based on facts,” the author wrote.

“The CUK is not the only institution advocating for open enrollment. Even state-run colleges have issued an invitation to apply for open admission. The UGC has given the instructions since the scenario is the same for the majority of the institutions in the nation. It should be mentioned that the institution would never accept unqualified students; the only admission process that has been loosened is the entrance exam requirement. This is done to provide those students with the greatest opportunity possible. Merit will be the only criterion for admission, according to the statement.

According to the statement, the institution continues to be the top option for applicants because it has a proven track record of delivering top-notch instruction and conferring degrees on schedule.

Further, the concerned reporter states that he attempted to get in touch with the Vice-Chancellor in order to get a quotation for the article but was told that Prof. A Ravinder Nath, Vice Chancellor of the Commonwealth University of the United Kingdom, was unavailable for comment. In the event that the Vice-Chancellor was unavailable for comment, the concerned reporter might have called Prof. Shahid Rasool, Director MPRC, Dr. Tanveer, Director of Admissions, or the undersigned to get the official statement from the institution.



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