Airline Services: Big Update! Air service schedules have changed in some states; verify before flying
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In New Delhi: On September 27, which also happens to be World Tourism Day, IRCTC will celebrate its 24th anniversary by giving consumers who purchase airline tickets from it a variety of discounts.

From September 25 to September 27, IRCTC will not charge any convenience fees to those who book both domestic and international tickets on its website. Customers may take advantage of this deal by purchasing tickets on IRCTC’s air ticketing website,, or via the IRCTC Air mobile app.


IRCTC has also announced additional deals for this occasion, including savings of up to Rs 2,000 on airline tickets for card transactions from various banks, in addition to the absence of convenience fees.

IRCTC Air now provides defence prices and leave travel discount (LTC) tickets for government employees in addition to the limited-time incentives, according to a statement from IRCTC.

Additionally, as an additional bonus, IRCTC offers travel insurance of Rs 50 lakh for every plane ticket purchased via its website, it said.



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