Affordable Recharge Plans: This provider offered a new plan: 5 hours free internet daily
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The 4G service from BSNL will be available shortly. The firm has already begun making the necessary preparations and rolling out promotional offers to win over clients.

Upgrades on SIM Cards


Users of BSNL, who now get only 2G/3G service, are being offered the chance to upgrade to 4G SIM cards in preparation for the inevitable introduction of new technology.

The firm provides free information.

This promotion was announced via a tweet from BSNL in Andhra Pradesh. Users are asked to switch to a 4G SIM in the tweet. The firm is also throwing you some free data with this.

It’s good for three months.

Users are not charged to upgrade to a 4G SIM. In exchange, the firm is providing subscribers with 4GB of free bandwidth. This information is current within a three-month window.

Access to lightning-fast internet is on the way.

Users will be able to experience lightning-fast connectivity after they upgrade to a 4G SIM. However, a 4G network is required at their location for this to be possible.

Who may take advantage of this offer?

At this time, it is unknown whether this offer is available to all users. The BSNL service center, conveniently located near you, can assist you with this.

Diwali discount

The firm just released a special Diwali promotion. Users will get a 2% discount and 3GB of bonus data under this deal.

Benefits are available under these programs.

STV 251, 299, 398, 499, 599, and PV 666 are all eligible for the BSNL Diwali Offer. The firm launched the promotion on October 21.

BSNL 4G service availability: when?

According to PK Purwar, Chairman and Managing Director of BSNL, the firm plans to roll out its 4G service throughout the nation by June 2024.



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