"Director of Health Services Kashmir Oversees Successful Community Engagement Initiative in Achabal, Shangus

January 3, Anantnag: Today, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Rather, Director of Health Services Kashmir, led a community outreach program that profoundly changed the Anantnag district. In accordance with official guidelines, the Director of Health interacted with the community, tackling health issues at the source.

Dr. Mushtaq conducted non-communicable disease (NCD) tests and examined a number of disease awareness-focused booths throughout the session. The day was highlighted by the presentation of golden cards for government insurance programs, winter outerwear, and spectacles for children who are blind or visually challenged.


In addition to raising public awareness of different illnesses and providing prompt remedies for problems encountered by the general population, the event attempted to close gaps in healthcare. The local health administration’s and director’s initiatives show a dedication to the general welfare of the community.

Director Health has been at the forefront of healthcare activities, bringing about good change and guaranteeing the well-being of the people living in the Kashmir area.”

In addition, the director spoke with media representatives, elderly residents, and PRI’s throughout the show. In response to a wide variety of worries expressed by these organizations, Director Health offered a patient hearing and guaranteed a solution to the current problems. This interactive event highlights the government’s continued commitment to responsiveness and diversity in its healthcare efforts.

On his trip, the director of health services in Kashmir was accompanied by senior officials from the Directorate of Health Services: chief medical officer Dr. M. Y. Zagoo, chief medical officer Dr. Akhtar BMO Achabal, and Dr. Ishfaq BMO Shangus.



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