For PLVs, DLSA Ganderbal hosts an Advanced Training Programme
For PLVs, DLSA Ganderbal hosts an Advanced Training Programme

On August 30th, the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) of Ganderbal hosted an advanced training programme for Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) at the District Court in Ganderbal, under the aegis of the J&K Legal Services Authority.

Ritesh Kumar Dubey, the organization’s chairman, and Nusrat Ali Hakak, its secretary, oversaw the event’s execution.


The goal of this programme was to improve the quality of legal assistance provided by paralegal volunteers.

Volunteers who increase their knowledge and talents may better aid underprivileged areas and pave the way for universal access to justice.

Secretary Gandebal of the DLSA emphasised the need of PLVs providing free legal aid services to underserved communities via frequent door-to-door awareness campaigns. She continued by saying that connecting at-risk populations with the justice system is the main goal of advocating for door-to-door awareness.

Paralegal volunteers may help reach underserved communities and disseminate information about available legal aid services by making personal home calls, she said.

She also highlighted the importance of PLVs in facilitating access to justice for marginalised groups.

Advocate (Panel Lawyer of DLSA Ganderbal) Umer Rashid Wani gave instructive lectures and offered real-world examples to give the PLVs the tools they need to provide quality legal aid.

Sessions discussed subjects such legal rights and obligations, mediation strategies, judicial processes, legal assistance programmes, and advocacy efforts. The PLVs were taught using this method in an effort to boost their self-esteem, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

In addition, participants were made aware of current changes and revisions to applicable laws to further equip them with cutting-edge legal knowledge.



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