Hold Israel accountable': AISA calls on the international community to promote peace
Hold Israel accountable': AISA calls on the international community to promote peace

The All India Students’ Association (AISA) has demanded that Israel be held accountable for all of the war crimes it has committed in Palestine.

The All India Students’ Association (AISA) issued a statement strongly denouncing “the escalation of Israeli aggression against the civilian population in Palestine.” Gross crimes have been committed against Palestinian children, women, and innocent people as a direct consequence of Israel’s prolonged occupation of Palestine, including deaths, wrongful detentions, and violence.


The declaration claims that Israel has violated Palestinian human rights by occupying Palestinian property, attacking holy sites, preventing Palestinians from earning a livable wage, and so on.

It says, “It is essential to remember that the Palestinian struggle is not a religious conflict. It’s a fight for independence from Israeli occupation and tyranny. India, which battled against British colonialism, recognises the value of the Palestinians’ independence movement.

Israel – Palestine War, 2023

And “it is this spirit that has guided not only India but other third-world countries like South Africa, who have strongly stood against the policy of apartheid practiced by Israel on Palestinians,” it says.

While India rightly condemned the Hamas assault on Israeli civilians, it was shocking and disappointing to hear that New Delhi ignored the abuses Israel has been doing against Palestinians since 1948.

Human rights have been violated and international law has been broken by Israel against the Palestinian people. For fifty years, imperialist powers headed by the United States have ignored Israeli crimes committed by its occupying army.
The following is also included: “Their swift denunciation of Hamas attacks against Israel clearly shows how desperate the US is to equate Hamas with the Palestinian movement.”

“Anyone familiar with the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the fight of the Palestinian people would recognise that such sweeping generalisation is not just wrong but a criminal crime. Israel is acting in this manner. Israel has “called for a complete blockade of Gaza in the name of Hamas, denying the two million population, of which 50% are children, electricity, water, food, and dignity, and is planning a complete military action to wipe out the population,” according to a statement released by the American Islamic Socialist Association (AISA).

Furthermore, “this demonstrates the hypocrisy of US-led western countries,” who are “working against Palestinians fighting for their homeland and for the right to live with dignity,” the article states.

The full text of the statement goes as follows: “We call on the world community to advocate for peace between Israel and Palestine and to hold Israel accountable for all the war crimes. We need to push for a ceasefire and renewed diplomatic efforts right now.

“India should stand with Palestine and not draw false equivalence to Hamas,” reads a statement calling on the Indian government to oppose the global spread of Islamophobia.

It states, “The Palestinian people have a right to exist and to a nation of their own, and this right must be respected and guaranteed.”



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