Jammu - Srinagar National Highway : Road closed due to heavy rainfall on NH-44, mudslides and shooting stones at several places
Jammu - Srinagar National Highway : Road closed due to heavy rainfall on NH-44, mudslides and shooting stones at several places

Due to heavy rainfall on whole NH-44, mudslides at Cafeteria-Mehar, Ramban
and shooting stones at several places, approx. 2400 vehicles both HMVs and
LMVs are stranded on NHW.

There are around 2400 cars, including HMVs and LMVs, that are trapped on NHW as a result of severe rains along the whole of NH-44, mudslides near Cafeteria-Mehar and Ramban, and shooting stones at various points. LMV passengers, private cars, HMVs, and load carriers will be permitted from both sides on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NH-44), viz., Jammu towards Srinagar and vice versa, subject to traffic-acceptable road conditions, beginning tomorrow, October 18th, 2023. If the weather improves, this will take place on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.
SFs Convoy Movement: Subject to favourable weather and excellent road conditions, vehicles belonging to the Security Forces would be permitted to travel from Jammu in the direction of Srinagar and vice versa on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NH-44).

Rain & shooting stones at cafeteria Morh

The SSG Road
Movement of vehicles along the Srinagar-Sonamarg-Gumari route would be permitted from both directions, namely from Srinagar in the direction of Kargil and vice versa, provided that the weather is favourable and the road is in excellent condition. Between the hours of 7:30 and 1100, only LMVs, followed by HMVs, will be permitted to travel from Minamarg in the direction of Srinagar. In the same fashion, light motor vehicles that are followed by heavy motor vehicles will be permitted to go from Sonamarg towards Kargil between the hours of 1300 and 1700. After the designated cutoff times, no vehicles will be permitted.
At 8:00 in the morning, the Special Forces Convoy that travels from Srinagar to Kargil will depart from Srinagar.
The SFs Convoy that is travelling from Drass to Srinagar is required to organise its route in such a way that there will be no disruptions to the flow of civil traffic.
Due to the buildup of snow near Peer Ki Gali, the Mughal Road is now restricted to traffic. Tomorrow, as long as the weather is nice and the road has been cleared, vehicle traffic on the Mughal route will be permitted to go in both directions, from Poonch towards Shopian and vice versa.
People are advised to undertake a journey on NH-44 only after confirming their status.
of the road from traffic control units, as under:
Jammu (0191-2459048, 0191-2740550, 9419147732, 103)
Srinagar (0194-2450022, 2485396, 18001807091, 103)
Ramban (9419993745)
Udhampur (8491928625)
PCR Kishtwar (9906154100) for the status of Sinthan Road.



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