Election Day in Rajasthan is November 23, Madhya Pradesh is November 17, and Telangana is November 30
Election Day in Rajasthan is November 23, Madhya Pradesh is November 17, and Telangana is November 30

Over 2 lakh more voters have been added to the final electoral registers. SMC reports 82936 new voters, while JMC shows a rise of 65493 votes.

Jammu: More than 19 lakh voters, representing an increase of over two lakh voters as a result of the revision of electoral lists, would take part in the election process for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in J&K in 2023.


The compilation of (final electoral) rolls and calculation are still ongoing, but early data suggests a rise in voters of 2.17 lakh even though the final electoral rolls, which were issued on August 29, have not yet been made public in certain regions.

“There is a potential that the numbers might vary somewhat, but more than 2 lakh new voters have registered in J&K overall. The public may get access to the final, amended electoral registers by Monday, according to sources.

The number of voters has increased in Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Srinagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) as a result of the modification of the rolls, by 65493 and 82936 respectively.

According to official sources, there would be 2,17,092 more electors in J&K for the 2023 municipal elections than there were in the previous year (16,97,291).

There are 7,46,711 eligible voters in total for the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) elections in 2023, with 3,75, 784 men and 3,70, 927 women. 6,63,775 voters participated in the SMC (74 wards) elections in 2018.

In the case of JMC, there will be 4,65,794 electors, 2,38,004 men, and 2,27,290 females, as opposed to 4,42,180 total voters in its 75 wards in the 2018 elections.

11,68,001 people will cast ballots in the elections in Kashmir in 2023, including 5,85,169 female voters and 5,82,832 male voters.

The process of compiling and computing the final numbers for the Jammu division was still ongoing and was anticipated to be finished by Sunday.

If the security evaluations during that time period are also positive, it is predicted that the election timetable may be released by September’s end or the first of October since the terms of all ULBs in the UT are about to expire between October and November.

The number of voters in the Jammu district has increased by 71,979. Compared to 442180 voters in 2018, there will be 514159 voters in the 2023 elections.

In the elections of 2023, there will be 48365 voters eligible to choose the Municipal Committees (MCs) in the Jammu district, consisting of 24878 men and 23487 women.

In the Jammu district’s seven Municipal Committees, the Akhnoor MC will have 8284 electors, made up of 4113 men and 4171 women; Arnia MC will have 7481 electors, made up of 4025 men and 3456 women; and Bishnah MC has registered 8330 electors, made up of 4409 men and 3921 women.

Jourian MC has registered 3240 voters, consisting of 1628 males and 1612 females; Khour MC will have 5697 voters, including 2877 males and 2820 females; and R S Pura MC will have 11861 total electors, consisting of 6042 males and 5819 female voters. In a similar manner, Gho Manhasan MC will have 3472 total electors, including 1784 males and 1688 females.



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