Lalit Suri hospitality business conducts a healthy millet meal marketing for the International Year of Millets in 2023.
Lalit Suri hospitality business conducts a healthy millet meal marketing for the International Year of Millets in 2023.

19 July, Srinagar: The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group’s Wednesday launch of “Shree Anna,” a national campaign to promote India’s millet mission, is a welcome step.

In this respect, Lalit Hotel Srinagar presented and served a variety of meals that included various kinds of millet as its components.


‘The Healthy Millet Lunch’ was provided at the Lalit (Grand Palace Srinagar) to the invited guests and out-of-town tourists.

The move was made in response to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations’ announcement of 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYM2023) to raise awareness of the nutritional and health advantages of millets.

After the Indian government recommended designating 2023 as the International Year of Millets to promote millets’ production and consumption, the UN proclaimed it to be such.

The Government of India notified millets as Nutri-Cereals in April 2018, which includes Sorghum (Jowar), Pearl Millet (Bajra), Finger Millet (Ragi/Mandua) and Minor Millets namely; Foxtail Millet (Kangani/Kakun), Proso Millet (Cheena), Kodo Millet (Kodo), Barnyard Millet (Sawa/Sanwa/ Jhangora), Little Millet (Kutki) and two Pseudo -millets viz Buckwheat (Kuttu) and Amaranthus (Chaulai).

At Lalit Srinagar, the introduction of the Millets Lunch attracted a lot of visitors who enjoyed the meal.

The Lalit Group is emphasizing millet, a kind of domestic crops, because of its outstanding nutritional content and adaptability. According to General Manager Nikhil Chandra, the initiative intends to increase public knowledge of millets, their health advantages, and their importance in sustaining farmers’ livelihoods.

The event included a lavish plated supper with a selection of millet-based delicacies that delighted the attendees.

On the occasion, the Healthy Millet Menu was also unveiled and will be available at all The Lalit outlets across India for a month.

The Healthy Millet Menu honours India’s extensive agricultural and culinary traditions. A chef at Lalit noted, “Millets are not only nutrient-dense, but they also provide a sustainable solution that promotes both our well-being and the lives of our farmers.

The menu has selections like Crunchy Edamame and Amaranth Salad, Thai Spiced Infused Foxtail and Pomelo Salad, Crunchy Quinoa Bites, and Ragi Idlis, among others, offering a broad variety of millet-based foods to suit diverse tastes and preferences.

The Lalit Group is committed to promoting the gastronomic pleasures of millets as well as helping regional farmers and encouraging environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

The General Manager said, “By including millets in our menus, The Lalit Group hopes to increase demand for this age-old crop while promoting the welfare of both consumers and farmers.”

Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar, the LG’s advisor for J&K, attended the inaugural event and praised the Lalit group for bringing the nutritious millet-based cuisine.

The advisor explained the advantages of millets and said that because of its health advantages, the Indian government took the initiative to declare 2023 to be International Year of Millets.

“Eating millet is excellent for the environment and has a number of health advantages. Millets are cultivated in regions that don’t need a lot of irrigation and don’t need pesticides, he added.

Millets, he said, have been a significant part of our diets during the previous year, but their availability has been declining over time. However, he said, “We can resurrect its culture and cultivate these millets so that we may eat a pure sort of food.



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