NC confronts Langate mutiny following expulsion of key members
NC confronts Langate mutiny following expulsion of key members

Members that were kicked out of the party did things that were against the party’s ideology, and the high command makes the final decision on who stays in the party and who gets kicked out : Nasir Sogami

The 16th of October, Srinagar: In the Langate constituency of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district, political parties have begun experiencing break-ups, allegations, and counter-allegations. The grand old National Conference is facing a rebellion in the area after the party expelled some local leaders. This is despite the fact that assembly elections have not yet been announced in Jammu and Kashmir.

On October 5th, the party decided to dismiss some local leaders who were suspected of engaging in actions that were detrimental to the party as well as indiscipline. Mohammad Munawar Khawaja, Abdul Quyoom, Ghulam Rasool Mallah, Ghulam Hassan Malik, and Master Abdul Ahad were some of the members that were kicked out of the organisation.


People in the area are of the opinion that the recent expulsion of prominent members from the party in Langate would add extra difficulties to the workers who were left out of the party’s efforts to grow its base.

Shafqat Watali, a former IGP, leads one of the National Conference (NC) groups in the Langate constituency, while Haji Mohammad Munawar Khawaja, a former director of the State Motor Garage, leads the other.

The involvement of party brass to bridge the breach with the party leaders who were expelled is the primary focus of everyone’s attention at this point.
Mohammad Munawar Khawaja slammed the NC and claimed that the party had fallen victim to internal plots by certain leaders to harm the party in Langate. He said this when he was lashing out at the NC.

According to him, the recent expulsion of top party members is a betrayal of the individuals who gave their time to help spread the party’s footprints in the Langate constituency. He mentioned this in a statement.

Khawaja questioned the choice that the party made to provide authority to Shfaqt Watali, who he says does not dwell in Langate and, as a result, is unable to determine the politics in the Langate seat.

He said that the party high leadership called a meeting of the Langate constituency, which Omar Abdullah presided over. At this meeting, it was determined that Shafqat Watali would be kept at Nawai Subhai in Srinagar, and they were instructed to choose a local representative who is capable of leading the party in Langate.

“We had suggested that the leading party in Langate be called the DDC Nutnusa. However, the expulsion of senior members runs counter to the decision that was made at the meeting that took place in Nawi-Subhai, he said.

He said that the lobby that he represents is unified with him and that they are engaging in political activities. He also stated that the next course of action would be decided upon after consulting with all of the senior employees in Lanagte.

Nasir Sogami, the head of the district committee in the party’s province, asserted that the committee had suggested the expulsion and that the high leadership had subsequently started it. He also added that every member has their own importance and impact.
According to him, the expelled members were involved in actions that were detrimental to the party, and Shafqat Watali is not from another district; he is a native of the Kupwara one.

“The decision also lies with party high command: who to keep in the party and who to expel,” said the politician.



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