Omar Abdullah responds to Amit Shah's AFSPA repeal comment:
Omar Abdullah responds to Amit Shah's AFSPA repeal comment: "No need to wait further"

Srinagar, March 27: On Wednesday, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said there was no need to wait after Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced the abolition of AFSPA and military pullout.

“When the Indian government says Jammu and Kashmir is normal, militancy and separatism are over, why not remove AFSPA? Let them start removing it. “I don’t think there is need to wait further,” Omar Abdullah told reporters outside a political gathering in Budgam, central Kashmir.


He claimed National Conference attempted to eliminate AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir.

He criticized the Centre, saying: “The statement made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah is only a prank to the people of Jammu and Kashmir ahead of Lok Sabha elections”.

“Just as Ladakh was cheated on statehood and Sixth Schedule, the Union Home Minister is now hoodwinking Jammu and Kashmiris ahead of Lok Sabha election,” Omar Abdullah stated.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, has indicated the Centre would consider repealing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from Jammu and Kashmir and has a plan to evacuate soldiers.

Shah told Jammu and Kashmir’s Gulistan news station that the administration would likely revoke AFSPA. “The situation is getting normal and we are quickly considering revoking the AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir and a state of change,” he said.



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