Pensioners Life Certificate: Big News! Failure to submit your life certificate in these 7 methods before the deadline will halt your pension​
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The submission of a life certificate is required of all pension recipients who are seniors. On November 1st, those individuals will be able to submit their death certificate. There are seven different methods by which a life certificate may be submitted. Know through which procedures you may submit your life certificate. Take the time to read the whole story.

Delhi, India. All retirees in the nation are required to renew their life certificates annually in order to receive their pension payments.


Beginning November 1, all senior residents, i.e., individuals between the ages of 60 and 80, may submit their life certificate. The submission period for extremely elderly citizens began in October and will continue through November. Are.

Let us inform you that pension recipients over the age of 65 have a total of seven options for submitting their death certificate. Tell us about these techniques.

How can I submit my life certificate?

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When is a death certificate no longer acceptable?

The deadline to file a death certificate is November 30th. The deadline has been extended to November 30 for people who are 80 or older. The deadline is November 30 for everyone, including those between the ages of 60 and 80. However, as of October 1st, very elderly people were able to submit a life certificate.

What happens if the deadline is missed?

If you fail to cancel your pension before November 30, it will be suspended beginning in the next month. Your pension payments will resume, however, after your death certificate has been submitted.



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