SCoC members from SPSCs contact the Lt. Governor
Nadia Farooq

Opens a multi-purpose cinema with seating for one hundred people in Baramulla, praises the work of the security forces and police in keeping the calm but says that everyone in the country must do their part to bring about lasting stability. recommendations for economic growth in J&K are welcome, but political proposals are not.

Those who have unlawfully taken state property should quit deceiving the public, said Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Saturday in Baramulla. He stated that no foreigners were receiving land under Pradhan Mantri’s Awas Yojna (PMAY).

According to the news source  the LG said that several individuals came to him claiming eligibility for the PMAY despite not having land. The event took place in the Dak Bunglow area of the Baramulla district in north Kashmir.


As a result of this reevaluation, the government has chosen to provide these families with 5 malras of land under PMAY on which to build their own homes. There have been approvals for 1,995,000 dwellings for homeless families. He said the number included 46,000 people from the SC and ST categories as well as 2,711 landless families. Some individuals are spreading false information that land is being handed to foreigners, and this is quite unfortunate. In J&K, no land is being handed out to foreigners.

The LG warned that individuals who had built extravagant mansions on public property without using their own money should avoid spreading false information. They need to quit making things so complicated. LG: “I would not go into where they got money to construct huge palaces on illegally encroached state land.

The LG also opened the multi-purpose Maqbool Sherwani Hall Cinema Hall in Baramulla, with seating for 100 people. He said that after 30 years, a cinema with 100 seats had been opened in Baramulla. “This Cinema at Maqbool Sherwani hall Baramulla will not just be the source of entertainment but also a great source of learning for the youth who want to excel in education, technology, and the arts,” he added.

The LG appealed to the people of J&K for their help in establishing peace, saying that the police and security services are doing a tremendous job, but that it is the duty of every resident to work towards this goal. The LG has stated his willingness to hear any and all ideas for improving the economic situation in J&K. But if there are political recommendations, he said, “I wasn’t interested in the past, and I won’t be interested in the future.”



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