Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali, "Curfewed Night," will no longer be taught in KU

Authorities are likely to have the Curfewed Night novel by Basharat Peer and the renowned literature of Agha Shahid Ali removed from the University of Kashmir’s curriculum.

According to a number of media sources, the authorities have taken Basharat Peer’s novels and Agha Shahid Ali’s literature out of Cluster University in Srinagar’s M.A. (English) curriculum.


Authorities are reportedly considering removing Agha’s poetry and Basharat Peer’s novel from KU while the literature of the pair has already been taken down at Cluster University.

The award-winning book “Curfewed Night,” written by Basharat Peer, who is presently a resident of the United States, was later incorporated into the M.A. English curriculum.

According to Delhi/Srinagar’s educational counsellors, such “Resistance Literature” encourages pupils to acquire a “secessionist mindset, aspiration, & narrative.” (KDC)



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