Residents of Tekkipora Lolab are outraged at the absence of infrastructure
Residents of Tekkipora Lolab are outraged at the absence of infrastructure

On Friday, locals in the Kupwara region of north Kashmir voiced their frustration with the lack of infrastructure in their hamlet of Tekkipora Lolab.

The locals claim that the Tekkipora hospital, which opened a decade ago, has been neglected by the government.


More than 25,000 individuals are supposed to be served by this hospital, however owing to a shortage of personnel and diagnostic equipment, many of them go elsewhere.

When one of us becomes sick, no matter how little, we have to go the eight km to Sub District Hospital Sogam. We wouldn’t be having any issues if we had the right people working at our facility. Residents like Tariq Ahmad, who has been advocating for better hospital staffing for years, to no success.

According to him, expecting mothers have a difficult time at the hospital since there isn’t a gynaecologist on staff.

“We have been demanding posting of a gynaecologist here, but don’t know why the concerned authorities are ignoring the hardships of people,” he added.

The locals complained that they, too, were feeling the effects of the absence of a reliable water supply.

That “the Jal Shakti Department has also failed to mitigate our problems,” they stated.

People in the neighbourhood are also unhappy about the broken transmission system.

They said they felt unsafe all the time because of the low-hanging transmission cables that stretched throughout the neighbourhood and were attached to the tops of homes and trees.

Residents complained that the electric poles, which had been built in the region decades earlier and were now mostly destroyed, were not being replaced.

They said that the whole village’s electrical wires had been cut.

The locals also said they had been lobbying for a bank branch for some time. Over thirty more villages converge on our village. They reasoned that because of this, having a bank branch in the area would greatly benefit the local community.

Nasir Lone, a member of the District Development Council (DDC) in Sogam, has recognised the difficulties the locals are facing.

He said that a bore well had been approved for the region, but it had failed to produce water. After being moved to a new location, the bore well had the same result.

Whether it’s about deteriorating power poles, water shortages, or opening a bank branch, Lone is “constantly in touch with the higher ups” to get things fixed.



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