"Shopkeepers using Waqf properties are obligated to pay rental fees"

Darakshan Andrabi, chairman of the J&K Waqf Board, made this statement on Tuesday in Srinagar. He stated that retailers who use Waqf assets are obligated to pay the rentals that are associated with such properties.

While she was viewing Waqf properties in the city center’s Lal Chowk, she made this statement.


When asked about it by the media, Andrabi said that “Waqf markets in the city centre are historic markets and have been the livelihood of various traders for years.” She also said that these marketplaces are a source of money for the Waqf, and that every vendor should pay their rent on time so that it may increase the Waqf’s earnings and allow them to work towards improving the lives of everyone.

After an absence of more than a year, I made my way back to check on the market. Shop owners have had it rough over the last several years owing to the effects of Covid and other problems. “I am here to tell the merchants that Waqf cannot operate if the people who are using its properties will not pay their rent on time,” Andrabi said. “I am here to tell you that Waqf cannot operate.”

She said that the majority of the store owners had paid their rent, but some of them had not. She suggested that everyone should contribute to the rent since the businesses housed in these buildings are the primary source of income for many proprietors.

“You folks are operating shops, which are assisting you in providing for your families and meeting all of your financial obligations. The problem with the rent need to also be resolved by you and your employees. The rent is not too exorbitant, especially considering that the stores are located in the central business district of the city. She went on to say that if all of the store owners paid their rentals on time, there wouldn’t be a backlog of unpaid bills and Waqf could function without a hitch.

During the course of the tour, Andrabi checked the allocation documents, occupancy data, and rent information of all of the business units that were being operated in the accommodations that were held by the Waqf Board and were being leased out. The chairwoman of the Waqf met with each renter of these properties and demanded that they pay any overdue rent within two weeks or face disciplinary action from the Board.

It has been decided that no unauthorised occupants will be permitted to continue occupying the building. These kind of individuals have previously been warned by us as well, but their time has now come and gone. They are required to promptly report to the Waqf Board in order to clean their records or they would be subject to severe sanctions,” she warned.



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