The Oliver Trexar Award is given to a renowned urologist
The Oliver Trexar Award is given to a renowned urologist

Srinagar, December 19— The Oliver Trexar Award has been given to Dr. Syed Sajjad Nazir, the head of the urology and renal transplantation department at Super Specialty Hospital GMC Srinagar, for his “exceptional video presentation on laser techniques addressing impacted large upper ureteric calculi.”

Prof. Nazir received recognition for his talk at the 6th Advancements in Endourology conference, which took place in Ahmedabad from December 15–17, on “Syed’s Core through Laser Technique for Impacted Large Upper Ureteric Calculi.”


Speaking with Greater Kashmir, Prof. Nazir said that it was a significant accomplishment for him to demonstrate his unique medical methods for shattering stones on a global stage.

“Work ethic is always rewarded. I’m delighted to get this honor. It was a noteworthy accomplishment. The Oliver Trexar Award was my dream come true,” he said.

Reputable medical professionals come from many nations, according to Dr. Nazir. However, he has effectively shown how to shatter the stone using his own medical methods.

“The master is Oliver Trexar. Receiving this honor makes me extremely pleased; it was a wonderful accomplishment,” he said.

Twenty-five esteemed faculty members from throughout the globe, including national faculty and delegates from well-known institutions nationwide, attended the international conference.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, and Bhupinder Bhai Patel, the Gujarat Chief Minister, attended the ceremony.

Prof. (Dr.) Masood Tanvir, the principal/dean of GMC Srinagar, commended the urology department for its success in enhancing patient outcomes and treatment.

The Oliver Trexar Award, given by Dr. Oliver Trexer, recognizes innovation and distinction in the area of urology. Acclaimed by colleagues and subject-matter specialists, Prof. (Dr.) Syed Sajjad Nazir’s extensive and groundbreaking study demonstrated an innovative way to control a difficult area of urological health.

The Department of Urology has been at the forefront of developing minimally invasive methods for treating renal stones since the introduction of RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) in 2018.

Associate Professor of Urology Dr. Tanveer Iqbal said that this honor not only recognizes the work of the urology team but also emphasizes the value of advances in laser treatment methods for upper ureteric calculi, which eventually improve patient outcomes and care.



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