The "World's 1st Pashmina Transparency Framework" was introduced by the Pashmina Goat Project (Start-Up)

In [New Delhi] The Real Pashmina company Pashmina Goat Project, a trailblazing name in sustainable fashion, has unveiled its ground-breaking “Pashmina Transparency Framework” for Technology Development for the Global Pashmina Industry. By guaranteeing total transparency from the start to finish of each cycle of production for genuine Pashmina shawls inside the pashmina ecosystem, this ground-breaking framework is poised to revolutionize the way the real pashmina industry functions.

Pashmina wool has long been coveted in the fashion business and is widely recognized for its opulent softness and timelessness, according to Dr. Babar Afzal, co-founder, and Dr. Henna Ajnum. However, issues with authenticity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing have called into question the methods used by the sector. By using cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Web 3.0 to offer an unparalleled degree of transparency and traceability, the Framework that the firm has built intends to address these difficulties head-on. These technologies allow for the safe recording of each stage of the pashmina shawl manufacturing process in a tamper- and immutable-proof ledger. This not only ensures the genuineness of each product but also gives all stakeholders access to a thorough audit trail. To ensure the authenticity of pashmina materials and stop the sale of fake goods, AI-powered verification may be employed. A variety of characteristics, including temperature, humidity, and traffic conditions, may be tracked using IoT-enabled devices. Additionally, the Web 3.0 Interface may provide stakeholders and customers access to a variety of data on the country of origin, manufacturing processes, and ethical standards of the product. This encourages a feeling of connection and trust between producers and customers.


Dr. Babar Afzal, the founder and CEO of the Pashmina Goat Project and the tech lead for this ground-breaking framework (a former McKinsey analyst and Silicon Valley techie), has been profiled by TIME Magazine, the BBC, CNN and Bloomberg for his transformation from a Silicon Valley techie to a pashmina goat shepherd and the only Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Advocate in the world. “Our Technology Development Transparency Framework is a pivotal step towards ensuring that the pashmina industry aligns with modern values and trends of transparency and sustainability,” he said, expressing his excitement for the initiative.

We are certain that by implementing cutting-edge technologies that address the gaps in the value chain, we can both improve the standard of living for individuals working in the pashmina ecosystem and give customers the ability to make educated decisions. The worldwide pashmina shawl business is entering a new age of honesty and accountability according to the PASHMINA GOAT PROJECT’s Pashmina Transparency Framework.

The initiative seeks to create a global standard for ethical fashion manufacturing via a dedication to ethical practises and technical innovation. The framework outlines the guiding principles and procedures that will shape future technological advancements and guarantee that every element of the eco-system is tracked from its point of origin to the completed Pashmina shawl.

Dr. Henna (the creator of the campaign #WhoMadeMyPashmina) and Alhana (who oversees the initiative “HER DREAM” for the young girls in the pashmina eco-system) both contributed to the “Artisan Process Framework” under the Broad Framework.

The wellbeing of women and future generations is included into the framework’s goal. Babar, also known as the Pashmina Prince, is the sole internationally accepted voice for the genuine Pashmina eco-system of the Indian Himalayas and is the most trustworthy spokesperson for the community of Pashmina shepherds, weavers, artisans, and craftswomen.



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