A student from Kupwara will take part in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Programme
Nadia Farooq

Kupwara, July 9: Danish Javid Bhat, a class 10 student at Boys High School Bedreher in north Kashmir’s Handwara sub-district, has brought honour to the whole district by making it to the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Programme in Science under the SAKURA Exchange Programme.

Danish is one of the top 60 candidates in the country because he got a spot in the prestigious National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (SLEPC) with his innovative multi-use stove project.


Trying to Reach Greater Kashmir Danish said he started working on the project at Upper Primary School (UPS) Machipora with the help of his teacher Abbas Ahmad Gojree. “After 8th grade, I went to Government Boys High School Bedreher, but I kept in touch with Abbas sir. After two years of hard work, I was able to make a stove that can be used for many different things,” he said.

“I’m still working on my project to make it more efficient. At the moment, the stove works with wood, but I can’t wait until I can use electricity or sun light to power it. I hope I’ll be able to reach my goal in a short time,” Danish added.

“The cooker has four sections where you can cook four different things at different temperatures at the same time. “It’s portable, but most importantly, it can also be used to heat rooms,” said Danish.

Danish’s success has not only made his family very proud, but it has also won him respect and praise from the rest of society. Even the most important people in the department of education have gone to Danish’s school to meet him.

His teacher and leader, Abbas Ahmad Gojree, praised how hard he worked and how determined he was to do well in school. “His accomplishment is proof that all the hard work he put into the project paid off. His success has given other kids in government schools hope and motivation.”

The Indian Government’s Department of Science and Technology will pay for his costs and those of two other students from Kashmir to Delhi. In Japan, the Japan Science Department (JSD) will take care of all their money needs.

Under the SAKURA Exchange Programme in Science, Japan and several Asian countries work together on the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Programme in Science.



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