Eight government officials have been cited by Crime Branch Kashmir for using fake birth certificates
Eight government officials have been cited by Crime Branch Kashmir for using fake birth certificates

Rajouri, June 19: In the midst of complaints of inconsistencies regarding the implementation of schemes, utilisation of funds, and regularisation of employees, a high level inquiry into the workings of Municipal Committee Thanamandi that was initiated by the district administration has submitted its inquiry report pointing on wrongful utilisation of funds.

In addition to a comprehensive investigation at a high level by any authorised agency such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the administration has now advised taking action against individuals who were engaged in this.


The municipal committee of Thanamandi is an entity that falls under the purview of Urban Local Bodies. It has authority over the town of Thanamandi, which serves as the headquarters of the Thanamandi sub-division in the Rajouri district.

In addition to the President, the committee also has an Executive Officer who was chosen via democratic processes.According to official sources, various government agencies, such as the district administration in Rajouri, have received some complaints regarding the workings of Municipal Committee Thanamandi. These complaints include allegations of discrepancies and violations of norms and rules by committee in the implementation of various government schemes, utilisation of funds, and career progression of officials.

The overutilization of money provided by the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), the allocation of truck fare contracts, the career advancement of workers, including promotions, and the regularisation of certain employees were some of the primary topics brought up at the meeting.

According to official sources, the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Rajouri has ordered an investigation into these complaints. On March 29, the district administration issued an order in this regard, and on the same day, an inquiry panel consisting of the Tehsildar of Thanamandi, the District Statistics and Evaluation Officer of Rajouri, and the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Thanamandi was constituted and asked to investigate the matter.

They said that “The inquiry team has now submitted its report before the district administration.”

In its report, the inquiry panel is reported to have indicated towards authenticity in allegations establishing that disparities have been detected in the utilisation of money in several areas and that standards have been broken. This is according to the authorities who were involved in the investigation.

“The inquiry panel has inquired about many aspects regarding the complaints and the basis of inquiry and it has been found that there are discrepancies and a detailed report has been submitted by the inquiry panel before the administration,” they added. “The inquiry panel has found that discrepancies are there and a detailed report has been submitted by the inquiry panel before the administration.”

Additional Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Rajeev Khajuria, who is also the Vigilance Officer in administration, said that the investigation panel had handed in its findings after being notified about the matter.

“Inquiry panel has found discrepancies,” Additional Deputy Commissioner Rajouri stated. “There are inconsistencies.” He went on to advise them that a referral for the suspension of those individuals who were implicated in the scheme had been sent to the Urban Local Bodies.



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