Approximately 4 million pilgrims visit Amarnath every year for darshan
Approximately 4 million pilgrims visit Amarnath every year for darshan

Srinagar, Jun 25: All the plans for a safe and smooth Amarnath Yatra have been made, and the paths for pilgrims have been lit up, said Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, the Divisional Commissioner for Kashmir, on Sunday.

“#ShriAmartnathJiYatra2023: Illumination of the Yatra track from Dumail to Sangam. All the plans are being made to make sure that the Yatra goes well and is safe.Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, the Divisional Commissioner for Kashmir, tweeted on Sunday, “@OfficeOfLGJandK @ShriSasb @diprjk.”


Bidhuri has shared photos of tracks from Sanagam to Baltal that are lit up.

A little over a week ago, the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir went to Amarnathji holy cave to see for himself what departments and agencies had done to make things easier for the Yatris who will be making the holy journey this year. Yatra starts on July 1 and lasts for 62 days.

During the visit, the Divisional Commissioner took stock of the health, cleanliness, toilets, power, drinking water, langars, and tents that had been set up by the different departments.

On that occasion, he told the officers in charge to send out their expert teams to make sure that Yatries have the right facilities during the Amarnath Ji Yatra. He told them to make sure everything was working well before July 1, when the Yatra began.

The Divisional Commissioner talked to the heads of the relevant departments and told the Director of Health Services in Kashmir to keep all medical supplies on hand in case visitors need help in an emergency. He also told them to make sure there was a steady flow of power, which would help make sure other services were delivered. He warned the officers not to make any mistakes that might make it hard for Yatris to do their holy tasks.

Bidhuri had said that trash should be thrown away in the right way to keep the area’s surroundings from getting dirty. Officers from the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, the Flood and Irrigation Board, KPDCL, the Sanitation Board, the Police, and the Health Board were there.

Earlier, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, who is the Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) for Kashmir, spoke to Camp Directors at an introduction and training programme held last week.

The Div Com had talked about the importance of Camp Directors in helping yatris as mediators to solve problems right away, as well as making quick decisions and spreading information.

He taught them how to handle crowds, how to stick to cut-off times, how to evacuate, how to make sure that different agencies and service providers work together, and how to handle emergencies.

The Div Com also told them to send information and videos every day to the Divisional Social Media Cell, which will be shared on social media by the officers in charge.

He had also told all Camp Directors to hold cleaning campaigns at camps to make sure the area was clean.



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