Demand for Kashmir willow bats increases dramatically in the run-up to the World Cup
Demand for Kashmir willow bats increases dramatically in the run-up to the World Cup

Srinagar: International cricket players from Oman and the United Arab Emirates used Kashmir Willow bats to great effect in the T20 World Cups, leading to a boom in demand for these bats on the worldwide market.

In light of this growing interest, 17 cricketers from six different countries have already requested Kashmiri Willow bats in preparation for this year’s ODI World Cup 2023, which will be held in India in October.


Cricket bats were being produced by master craftsmen using the prized Kashmiri Willow in the vast industrial region spanning from Sangam to Awantipora. Once just selling to local customers, this little enterprise has gone worldwide, forever changing the face of cricket throughout the globe.

About 400 units’ worth of knowledge are woven into this vivid tapestry. Among them, GR8 Sports has reached the peak of success, with players and spectators alike responding positively to the company’s promotion of their bats on an international scale.

Fawzul Kabir, the proud owner of GR8 Sports, is a PhD candidate at DCU in Ireland and a 30-year-old MBA graduate of the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) Awantipora. He spoke with conviction, declaring, “Our bats are not mere instruments of the game; they embody the very essence of Kashmir, serving as a testament to our rich craftsmanship and unwavering spirit.”

The great success of Oman and UAE players in the T20 World Cups, he noted, was the turning point in the history of Kashmiri Willow bats.

He went on to say that the sudden interest in cricket was due in part to the fact that “their flawless performance and undeniable charm caught the eye of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.”

The world of cricket has now caught on to the superiority of Kashmiri Willow bats,” Fawzul Kabir said with glee. For the next One-Day International World Cup, seventeen additional players from six different countries have opted to use our bats.

In the peaceful city of Halmulla Sangam, where natural beauty was as numerous as the meandering rivers, the GR8 Sports business was a ray of light. They wrote a new chapter in their history with every swing of the bat, bearing the hopes and ambitions of a whole area on their shoulders.

The craftsmen toiled away with deft movements and careful accuracy. The skill and hard work of our artisans is evident in every bat we make,” Fawzul Kabir proudly proclaimed. The natural splendour of Kashmir is weaved into each individual item, giving each one a unique narrative to tell.

A wave of joy and pleasure washed over those working in this field as word of the increasing demand for Kashmiri bats spread like wildfire. Cricket players and spectators all across the world were captivated by their once-local trade when it became a worldwide sensation.

A local bat maker expressed their happiness at having their products utilised by players from all over the world. It’s proof of Kashmir Willow’s superior quality and workmanship.

Kashmiri Willow bats being used by players all around the globe is a dream come true for us. We’ve always known that our bats are special, but now the rest of the world can see for themselves. Willow bats made locally by a renowned manufacturer were popular well beyond the confines of the cricket pitch. The locals claimed it had become an icon of the region’s “resilience, craftsmanship, and unyielding spirit,” in contrast to the region’s more well-known natural features.

With fiery resolve, Fawzul Kabir said, “Our goal is to bring our bats into the hands of iconic players like Virat Kohli and Babar Azam.” We want everyone to see what happens when Kashmiri culture collides with cricket fervour.

The whole spirit of the area was infused into these bats. They were more than just sporting equipment; they conveyed the spirit of their homeland, from the quiet valleys to the towering peaks.

When asked about his work, another craftsman said proudly, “Every stroke of the bat reverberates with the spirit of Kashmir.” Players who use our bats take a bit of our valley with them, bringing its magic throughout every swing.

We are overjoyed and very proud of the international acclaim that our Kashmir Willow bats have received. Mushtaq Ahmad, a local worker, said that it was “a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication of our local artisans.”

Kashmiri Willow bats being used by players all around the globe is a dream come true for us. The world is finally seeing the magic that we’ve known about for so long in our bats, he said.



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