KU's Vice Chancellor pays a visit to the South Campus and Chairs the Opening Ceremony of the Student Festival 'Satsoas'
KU's Vice Chancellor pays a visit to the South Campus and Chairs the Opening Ceremony of the Student Festival 'Satsoas'

Anantnag, June 19: Professor Nilofer Khan, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, made a visit to the varsity’s South Campus on Monday. While there, she presided over a magnificent curtain-raiser ceremony for a five-day student festival called ‘Satsoas’ that is planned to take place the following month.

A press notice states that the Vice Chancellor of the institution presided over a meeting of faculty members on the campus to assess the state of the institution’s academic operations and the facilities that are accessible to the students.


“Satsoas” is a multicoloured and multifaceted event that will involve a variety of extracurricular activities to raise awareness on four important issues, including drug addiction, climate change, domestic abuse, and the preservation of cultural heritage. These are only some of the topics that will be addressed. Students from all of the University’s campuses and colleges with which it is connected will take part in it. Engaging students in the process of developing broad awareness on different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the fundamental concept behind the event, which is being organised under the umbrella of activities related to the G20 summit.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed his gratitude to the Director of South Campus for developing the concept of “Satsoas,” noting that the festival would empower young students to contribute their perspectives and creative expressions on these essential subjects having broader social relevance.

“We want our students to become the ambassadors of awareness on such pressing social and environmental issues,” the Vice Chancellor (VC) said, exuding confidence that students in large numbers, particularly the girl students, will actively participate in the festival, which will see major events such as debates, quizzes, painting, drama, and poetry competitions, amongst other things. The festival will take place on the campus of the university.

It is important to note that this was the Vice-Chancellor’s fourth visit to South Campus since she took over the position in May 2022.

At the event that served as the curtain-raiser, Registrar Dr. Nisar A. Mir, who was also a guest of honour, expressed his admiration for the students of South Campus and the skill they displayed. He said that in the foreseeable future, the University’s primary emphasis would be on expanding the campus’s infrastructure as well as the student facilities available there.

Professor Raies Ahmad Qadri, Director of the South Campus, provided the Vice-Chancellor with a full overview of the numerous festivities that were scheduled to take place during ‘Satsoas.’ He also updated the Vice-Chancellor on the academic activities that take place on the campus.

After that, the Vice Chancellor presided over a meeting that included all of the faculty members, during which she listened to their perspectives and concerns on the further development of the South Campus.

Professor Nilofer said that the University is dedicated to ensuring that the South Campus continues to grow in a manner that is in line with the expectations of the future. She noted that the South Campus is the oldest of the satellite campuses.

She was looking for a road plan in this respect that was in line with the aim of the campus, which was to transform it into a fully functional residential campus in the near future, complete with benchmark amenities for both the students and the professors.

The Vice Chancellor of the university issued a call for more synchronisation between the primary campus and its satellite locations in order to place equal emphasis on both academic and extracurricular activities. He also urged students and staff to maintain their focus on the academic and research objectives they had set for themselves.



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