Man violently kills wife in Samba; police make an arrest
Man violently kills wife in Samba; police make an arrest

Rajouri, 19 June: A guy who originated from the Khablan village in Rajouri’s Thanamandi subdivision was killed by some of his neighbours over a property dispute. As a result of this, the police have so far arrested five suspected individuals, and a manhunt is now underway to capture three further suspects.

Shafiq Ahmed, a native of Khablan village in Rajouri, has been identified as the victim. He is survived by his wife and three children. Shafiq Ahmed was shot and killed. The victim’s wife said that her family was involved in a land dispute with some of their neighbours, and that her family believed their neighbours were attempting to steal a section of their property.


She claimed, “On Sunday, one of my neighbours entered a scuffle, who was later joined by others, and then they attacked my husband,” and she went on to say that the accused utilised axes in the attack on her husband.

Following the brutal attack, the victim, identified as Shafiq Ahmed, was allegedly transported to GMC Associated Hospital Rajouri on Sunday evening. However, he was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away during the night between Sunday and Monday.

“The situation is hopeless for my family. “We have three children, and Shafiq was the only source of livelihood,” the victim’s wife said, while seeking harsh punishment against the guilty, who, according to her, are powerful persons of the community including a PRI. She demanded that the perpetrators be punished severely.

In the meanwhile, the Rajouri police have issued an official statement stating that five of the accused have been apprehended so far in connection with the case, and that a search is now underway for the other three suspects.

“Over the incident of the murder of a man in Khablan village of Thanamandi in Rajouri, police have so far arrested five persons, with raids currently going on to nab three others who are still at large.” In an official statement, SSP Rajouri Amritpal Singh made the following remark. After receiving a written complaint from Nagina Akhtar, the wife of Shafiq Ahmed, a resident of Khablan village, on June 18, the Thanamandi police station lodged a case under the provisions of sections 307, 323 and 147 of the Indian Penal Code. This was stated by the SSP Rajouri when he discussed the incident’s specifics.

Eight individuals have been charged with the crime of deadly assault for the attack that was committed on the complainant’s spouse.

SSP Rajouri went on to say that the victim Shafiq Ahmed was taken to the GMC Associated Hospital in Rajouri, but he ultimately passed away from his injuries. As a result, section 302 of the Indian Penal Code was added to the case that had previously been lodged.

In response to the fact that the victim passed away while being treated, special police teams led by SDPO Thanamandi Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed and SHO Thanamandi Azhar Hilal sprang into action and carried out a series of searches at different sites.

The accused have been brought into jail, but there are still three more on the loose; teams have been sent out to find them and bring them in. Amritpal Singh, the SSP for Rajouri, said that at this point in time it seems that some kind of property dispute may have been one of the motivations for this act of murder, and more investigation as well as legal actions are now taking place into the subject.

The officer continued by stating that there are constitutional mechanisms available to deal with any form of issue, and that individuals should follow the constitutional redressal system, adding that “taking the law into one’s own hands has no acceptance.” He said that all actions would be carried out in accordance with the law.



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