Members of the Indian community in Egypt are delighted about hosting Prime Minister Modi
Members of the Indian community in Egypt are delighted about hosting Prime Minister Modi

The Indian community in Egypt is quite excited to have Prime Minister Narendra Modi come for the first time on June 24. The locals have been anticipating PM Modi’s visit for the last nine years, ever since he took office as India’s prime minister.

On Friday (local time), PM Modi left the United States after a four-day State visit. His next stop was Egypt. His first trip to Egypt will be a short two-day affair. The head of the Indian community in Egypt, Deepti Singh, told ANI, “It’s going to be amazing to have PM Narendra Modi here, and we are extremely delighted to welcome him. The Indian community in Egypt has been eagerly awaiting his arrival ever since he became the premiership. It’s a big deal, and everyone’s getting ready for it.


Civilization and Bollywood are two reasons why Indian culture is popular in Egypt. From the infrastructure to the COVID-19 vaccination, PM Modi has accomplished a great deal, and for that we are grateful. Modi ji has shown himself to be a formidable leader and now ranks among the world’s elite. PM Modi has improved our standing in Egypt. When people say, “You’re from the world’s largest economy,” we can now say it with pride and respect,” she remarked.

Udham Singh, former president of Egypt’s Indian community, told ANI, “I have been a resident of Egypt for 20 years. The progress India has achieved during the last decade. Even Egypt isn’t immune to the worldwide repercussions. In every sphere of human endeavour and technological development, India has taken strides forward. We are certain that PM Modi’s visit, conversations, and our presence in Egypt would further improve relations between the two countries because of his international reputation.

Also, “Egyptians are very warm to us,” he said. I have no doubt that the visit will strengthen the bond between the two countries and lead to a rise in tourist traffic. He claimed, “300-400 community members will attend the programme,” indicating that a significant portion of the Indian diaspora is looking forward to PM Modi’s arrival. Singh estimated that between one hundred and two hundred members of the Indian community will be there to greet PM Modi.

Udham Singh said that they are “proud” of the recognition that Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives on international arenas like the United States Congress.

Another Indian American, Yashveer Singh, expressed his admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by saying that he is “proud” of him. I’ve never met my Prime Minister before, so this is a big deal. The prospect of meeting an Indian figure of prominence in person fills me with joy. He told ANI, “I am happy to get a glimpse of him.”

In anticipation of PM Modi’s arrival, Yashveer Singh remarked, “Both countries are old civilizations and work in similar ways.”

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flown to Cairo for a two-day trip to Egypt. He said on Twitter, “Concluding a very special USA visit, where I got to participate in numerous programmes and interactions aimed at adding momentum to the India-USA friendship.” Our countries will continue cooperating to leave the world in better shape for future generations.

Prime Minister Modi will meet with Egyptian officials and members of the local Indian community during his visit. He plans to pray in the Al-Hakim Mosque for over half an hour. Prime Minister Modi will pay his respects to the Indian troops who died while fighting for Egypt in World War One by visiting the Heliopolis War Grave cemetery.

Prime Minister Modi is in Egypt upon the invitation of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which El-Sisi offered to Modi back in January 2023 when he was the “Chief Guest” at India’s Republic Day festivities.

The importance of the trip lies in the fact that Egypt has long been one of India’s most vital commercial partners on the continent of Africa. According to the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS), the India-Egypt Bilateral Trade Agreement has been in effect since March 1978 and is based on the Most Favoured Nation clause.

The long history of communication and collaboration between India and Egypt on bilateral, regional, and global problems has also led to a deep political understanding between the two countries.



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