More than seven RISE students have made it into IITs this year.More than seven RISE students have made it into IITs this year
More than seven RISE students have made it into IITs this year.More than seven RISE students have made it into IITs this year

At least seven RISE students from Srinagar have made it for the highly competitive JEE Advanced 2023.

The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) is a prestigious entrance test for the highly regarded Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).


Nadeem Shabir, Mohammad Peerzada, and Zaiem Gulzar all placed in the top three among the top performances from Kashmir. They spent two years in the RISE classroom, the three of them. Kashmir’s top student, Nadeem Shabir, said, “I am extremely happy with my result.” My parents’ happiness levels are over the roof right now; I’ve never seen them happier. I appreciate the RISE team’s constant help and encouragement. My achievement may be attributed to my consistency, my diligence in following my professors’ instructions, and the fact that I have never missed a single lesson.

Another successful student, Zaiem Gulzar, reflected on his path, saying, “I started my training in Class XI. When I started at RISE, I was immersed in a community of brilliant and dedicated peers. I met some very remarkable educators at RISE, and I can’t give them enough praise. Consistency was really important to me in making my decision. Finally, I have arrived at my goal.

For RISE’s co-founder and IIT Kharagpur alum Salman Shahid, this is a surprising outcome given the comparatively low profile of IITs in Kashmir. RISE was the first time that most of these pupils had heard about IITs.

He said that expanding their numbers is a priority for the group.

We think every student should have the opportunity to discover their strengths and follow their passions. The goal is to encourage more Kashmiri students to pursue greatness and open doors that were previously closed to them by raising public knowledge of IITs and other top educational institutes, he added.

In the next days, these students will participate in the counselling rounds and indicate their choices for institutions and majors.

“Positive outcomes can be very rewarding and can bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction,” Imbesat Ahmad, co-founder of RISE and alumni of IIT Kharagpur, said. The success of our kids on standardised tests is like reaching a personal milestone. We look forward to carrying on the tradition of sending our students to the finest educational institutions throughout the globe.



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