Shiri Amarnath Ji Yatra | 3-lakh perform darshan in 3 weeks
Nadia Farooq

Srinagar, July 21: During the first three weeks of the yatra, more than 3 lakh Amarnath Yatris visited the Amarnath cave shrine to have darshan.

In a statement released here, an official spokesman claimed that the government’s improvements to infrastructure and related services were responsible for the Amarnath Yatra’s record-breaking over 3 lakh visitors to the Amarnath cave shrine in just three weeks, a significant increase over the same period last year.


According to him, the number increased by 13,797 yatris who did darshans on Friday, bringing the total to 3,07,354.

The numbers, according to the official, were proof that the government had built physical infrastructure for energy, health, roads, sanitation, and trekking in addition to ensuring transportation services from road transport, helicopter service, and pony services.

He said that approximately 30 government agencies had been consulted in order to guarantee that the yatris had comfortable accommodations.

The spokesperson said that the improved services for lodging, food, water, healthcare, and pony service received excellent feedback from pilgrims who participated in the yatra and inspired more to go on the Amarnath yatra this year.

He said that in order to make the Amarnath yatra a once-in-a-lifetime event for the pilgrims, the full capability of the resources at hand was used, ensuring a stress-free and nonstop journey.

“This year, the government made the twin axes of Pahalgam and Baltal glow with lights from base camps to Amarnath cave shrine, which helped to carry on the yatra during the evening hours,” the official spokesperson added.

He said that the development of two cutting-edge 100-bed facilities for the care of yatris and all linked individuals was another illustration of the seriousness with which the government was taking the development of supporting infrastructure.

In addition to the other health infrastructure already in place, the spokesperson said that each camp was staffed by professional health teams that regularly examined hundreds of yatris and gave them medication and counselling.

He said that the administration made sure that transportation services were provided to the yatris from Jammu to base camps in Kashmir since the number of yatris was increasing daily.

The official indicated that yatris who were eager to take advantage of this chance and facilities might also use the helipad service.

He said that the government constructed an Integrated Command and Control Centre, which was integrated with the RFID, to keep a close eye on the finer details of the yatra and ensure its smooth and peaceful conduct.

According to the spokesperson, this data-based science aids in real-time coordination between all parties, efficient crowd control management, traceability, and the avoidance of traffic congestion.

The government takes satisfaction in providing yatris with every resource available and making the most use of them, the official said, noting that this yatra exceeded the three lakh milestone in a short period of time.

He said that the yatris who visited the Amarnath cave shrine were amazed by the well-organized amenities and supervision of the yatra.

Every single person who had the chance to visit the Amarnath cave shrine expressed thanks to the government, security services, service providers, and residents of the area for welcoming them with open arms. The locals provide warm water and Kashmiri Kehwa to the pilgrims to help them withstand the chilly weather, the official added.

He said that this year, the Amarnathji Yatra has grown in popularity among both domestic and international tourists.

Among the yatris that visited the Amarnath cave shrine were two Californian residents, a lady from Ukraine, 35 Nepalese nationals, and 30 Malaysian citizens.

The government’s well-organized preparations and amenities, the official said, were appreciated by these international religious travellers, who were pleased to experience the yatra’s spiritual core.

He claimed that the Divisional News Room, which reports to Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, and the Department of Information and Public Relations collaborate to spread information about the facilities that are offered and the yatris’ satisfaction with the support they have received.



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