Mughal road again closed for movement of vehicles after the twin landslides hit the crucial link at two different locations on Friday
Nadia Farooq

The Jammu and Kashmir National Highway (NH-44) serves as a crucial link between the Kashmir Valley and the rest of India, acting as a lifeline for the region. However, the highway’s congested and chaotic state has hindered economic development in Kashmir. This blog explores the reasons behind the decelerated progress and emphasizes the urgent need for improvements along NH-44.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the chaotic traffic on NH-44. One factor is that  the road is simply not wide enough to handle the volume of traffic that it currently carries. The number of vehicles registered in Jammu and Kashmir has increased by over 50% in the past five years. This increase in traffic has put a strain on the capacity of the highway. 


Another factor that has contributed to the chaotic traffic is the poor condition of the highway. The highway is in need of major repairs, and there are a number of bottlenecks along the route. These bottlenecks can cause traffic to back up for miles.

The repercussions of the chaotic traffic on NH-44 extend beyond inconvenience and delays. The sluggish traffic movement adversely affects the economic growth of Kashmir. Businesses face difficulties in transporting their goods and services promptly, thereby impeding their ability to compete with counterparts in other parts of India. 

Moreover, the sluggish traffic also discourages tourists from visiting the valley, hampering the tourism industry, which is a significant source of revenue and employment in the region. With inadequate infrastructure and inefficient traffic flow, businesses face challenges that deter investment in the region. Moreover, the difficulties faced by tourists in accessing the valley may discourage them from visiting altogether, impacting the hospitality industry and depriving the local economy of a significant revenue stream. The government needs to take immediate action to address this pressing issue by widening the highway, improving traffic management, and enforcing traffic laws. By enhancing the efficiency and safety of NH-44, the government can unlock the economic potential of the Kashmir Valley, attract investment, and promote tourism, ultimately leading to the region’s prosperity and growth.



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