CBI has opened investigations of 135 government officials over the last five years, with 10 of the cases originating in Jammu and Kashmir
Nadia Farooq

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a FIR against a conman who pretended to be an Assistant Commissioner at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and made calls to unsuspecting people.

In December 2022, the CBI received a complaint about this situation. During the inquiry, the investigating agency uncovered two additional persons who had received phone calls from phoney PMO officials.


On Truecaller, the accused had also identified himself as a PMO official.

According to a senior CBI officer, Anil Kumar Sharma filed the first case on December 12, 2022. On Truecaller, a person with the phone number 70913-63733 was listed as ‘PMO Office Delhi,’ he said.

The accused then phoned Satinder Kumar and promised him a job in exchange for cash.

The CBI also learnt that Mohar Singh, a Rajasthan citizen, got a phone call from someone impersonating Dr. Prasad P, an Assistant Commissioner assigned to the PMO.

Similarly, Sheshnath Srivastava, a Faridabad resident, claimed similar instances of purported PMO calls.

According to the CBI officer, after completing a preliminary investigation, they have filed a FIR under sections 170, 511, read with section 420 of the IPC.

An inquiry into the situation is still continuing.



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