'Conflict profiteers' businesses in J&K are permanently shuttered, according to LG Sinha
'Conflict profiteers' businesses in J&K are permanently shuttered, according to LG Sinha

Srinagar, June 15: On Thursday, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha visited the Delhi Public School in Srinagar and spoke with the kids there. According to a statement released by the government, the Lt. Governor “encouraged and motivated the students to be creative, curious, innovative, and always learn from their mistakes to transform their dreams into reality.”
Every single student is obligated to live by these four mantras. The Lt. Governor emphasised the importance of self-awareness, expressing one’s unique perspective, gaining experience, and working with others to improve one’s knowledge and skills.
The Lieutenant Governor urged the faculty to make class time interactive and collaborative and to give students room to develop their own identities.
Curriculum-free classrooms cultivate the seeds of inquiry, originality, and imagination in young minds. The Lt. Governor made it clear that schools are responsible for “instilling curiosity in young minds,” “providing an opportunity for inner creativity to shine,” and “helping students achieve their individuality.” A student’s critical thinking, scientific temperament, and inventiveness are all stoked by a quality education. It helps them develop their own individuality. He said that children are “the future of our nation” and emphasised the need to teach them “real-world skills.”
The Lt. Governor emphasised the need for teachers and administration to work together to make the school into a “campus of curiosity,” where students’ originality is valued more than their ability to remember facts and where they are recognised for their ideas rather than their grades.
The Lt. Governor also addressed the kids about the education changes that have been implemented in recent years.
An “unprecedented task of transforming the entire education system” is being led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via the National Education Policy, he added.
The Lt. Governor made the remark, “Our focus is to make education a powerful medium for independent research and the growth of independent ideas, and the classrooms to be a place where dreams and aspirations are born.”
The Lieutenant Governor further emphasised the value of educators in fostering student agency through exposure to both contemporary and historical perspectives.
The advent of AI has resulted in revolutionary shifts in every facet of human existence. He predicted that in the near future, AI-powered schools will give individualised instruction and boost students’ abilities, but that despite the availability of such cutting-edge tools, only educators will be able to equip students with an education of conscience.
The job of a teacher is not to get through the curriculum but rather to develop the students’ innate abilities and to change the classroom experience so that students work together on projects and think creatively. The Lt. Governor said, “They ought to put every child through this process so that he or she may learn to listen to and trust his or her own inner courage, inner voice, and wisdom.”
The Lt. Governor made these remarks after the G20 Summit was held in Srinagar, stating that the world has seen the growth of a peaceful and emerging Jammu and Kashmir.
In Jammu and Kashmir, the days of months-long school closures are over. The time has come for students to alert their families and the general public to a golden opportunity. It’s now possible to attend school year-round. The workplace and business cultures have evolved for the better. The Lt. Governor said, “Youth are able to realise their dreams, and the common man is enjoying quality of life.”
Peace is the foundation of all other forms of progress and learning. He also stressed the need for everyone to pitch in to keep the peace.



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