Aspirants for NEET-SS upset that no test centers have been established in Kashmir
Aspirants for NEET-SS upset that no test centers have been established in Kashmir

Abdul Basit placed first in Jammu and Kashmir in the UG National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2023.

Basit is ranked #113 on the All India Rank (AIR).


Basit, who hails from the Chewa-Kalam hamlet in the Pulwama area of south Kashmir, has remarked that the major keys to passing any important examinations are hard effort and commitment.
I’ve been studying for NEET for four years,” he replied.

I went to Aakash Coaching Institutes from 9th to 12th grade,” he said.

According to Basit, he and his older brother are two of the three brothers studying medicine.

“My brother is already pursuing MBBS in Iran, and I wish my younger brother will also show the same dedication to crack any prestigious exam to make our village and our district proud,” he added.

Basit went on to say that his uncle, who works in the health and medical education department, had a major influence on him and that his father is in the fisheries department.

The proportion of students in Jammu and Kashmir who passed the undergraduate portion of the National Eligibility and Eligibility Test (NEET) in 2022 was up by approximately 10% from the previous year.

Only 42.59% of J&K students made the cutoff marks for NEET-2021. However, this year more than 52% of students have met the requirements to take the tests.

The National Testing Agency released official numbers showing that in 2022, 38,140 kids enrolled for grades J-K, 36,374 showed up for the test, and 20,005 passed.

Also in 2021, 34,615 JK residents registered to vote, but only 31,479 showed up to the polls and 14,743 ended up winning.

The NTA had not yet released its list for the year 2023.

The results for the Undergraduate National Eligibility Test (NEET) 2023 were released on Tuesday by the National Testing Agency.



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