A worried (confused) Koshur
A worried (confused) Koshur

The ostentatious snow festivals and the likes of cosmetic social programmes and initiatives every now and then, which are
hollow and abortive beneath have one primary motive – To distract us from the real issues to the extent that we are
oblivious of the harsh reality all around munching free Burgers and sipping camouflage tea. A more worrisome pattern is you
th falling for the cunning and nocuous tactics, which have been engineered to normalize every abnormal thing prevailing her
e. If things continue to proceed this way, we have a very troubling future ahead- A generation of ignorant idiots who
neither remember their history nor the consciousness of being gullible, chained, and oppressed. Must we know how parallel
narratives and fake normalization process work! Nevertheless this place belongs to us, and we have the birth right to enjoy
it’s majestic beauty!
~A worried (confused) Koshur by Shah Hussain

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I along with my team welcome you to this glorious and prestigious Trust. You come from various socio-cultural backgrounds each one with her or his unique dream, and aspirations and it is our responsibility to enable opportunities to realize these aspirations into the future of tomorrow. I assure you that we will not leave any stone unturned to groom you as a better citizen in a friendly environment, at the same time we want you to be disciplined, and conscious of your responsibilities and duties towards society.


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