At Ramgarh's Gurdwara Raika Labana, Altaf Bukhari offers prayers
At Ramgarh's Gurdwara Raika Labana, Altaf Bukhari offers prayers

Ramgarh, in the district of Samba, Nov. 27: On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Apni Party president Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari and top party officials paid homage at the Gurdwara in Raika Labana hamlet of Ramgarh.

A press statement states that Altaf Bukhari visited the Gurdwara in Ramgarh with the party’s senior vice president, Ghulam Hassan Mir, province president of Jammu, Manjit Singh, and other officials.


At the Gurdwara, where hundreds of Sikh community members were also gathered to celebrate Gurupurab and take part in Kirtan, the president of the Apni Party paid respects.

Altaf Bukhari was shown honor on this occasion by the Gurdwara Management Committee with the presentation of Siropa and Kirpan.

In his remarks on the eve of Gurupurab, Bukhari hailed the people of Jammu and Kashmir and expressed his hope that the auspicious event would illuminate the correct way for people in Jammu and Kashmir, the country, and the globe.

“In the current era of global strife, the teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are especially pertinent. Speaking during the event, Altaf Bukhari said that there is an urgent need for world peace.

He remembered how, in contrast to the current chaotic global circumstances, the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji arose as a beacon of hope for humanity.

“These lessons have grown in significance and have emerged as a glimmer of hope for humanity to live in harmony with one another and foster interfaith brotherhood,” the Sikh Guru Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, urging the populace to emulate him.

In addition, he said that the teachings of Guruji supported women’s equality, empowerment, and assistance in leading progressive lives while combating social harassment.

Bukhari described in detail how Guru Nanak Dev Ji battled social injustice and inequity.

Due to Guru Ji’s battle against injustice, the marginalized section of society now enjoys social and religious equality. In addition, he said, the teachings inspired individuals to oppose injustice.

Prominent individuals, PRIs, businessmen, the district president of the Apni Party, Raman Thappa, from Samba; district president Legal Wing, Sahil Bharti; block president, Bachan Choudhary, from Ramgarh; provincial president, Vipul Bali, from Jammu; district president, youth wing, Samba, Mangat Ram; Naveen Choudhary, Amrik Singh; and additional media coordinator, Sandeep Vaid, also made their obeisance and took part in the Gurupurab celebrations.



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