LG Sinha speaks at the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce's Special Session in Kolkata on the
LG Sinha speaks at the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce's Special Session in Kolkata on the "Scope of Industry in J&K"

December 22, KNS, Kolkata: At the special session on the “scope of industry in Jammu and Kashmir” that the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce (CCC) hosted in Kolkata today, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha gave the keynote presentation.

The Lt Governor emphasized in his speech the Union Territory’s economic development and job creation, as well as the quick and unparalleled transformation of Jammu and Kashmir, prospects in a number of industries, and suitable investment policies.


Our goal is to aggressively increase the economy across the board, under the direction of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. According to the lieutenant governor, “We are dedicated to making use of our ample resources to foster industrial competitiveness and promote collaboration.”

The Lieutenant Governor extended an invitation to prominent figures in the industry and prospective financiers to investigate the outlook for lucrative ventures and business possibilities at J&K.

In order to guarantee investment safety and development, ease of doing business, ease of living, and a strong government-to-business interface for long-term future investments in many industries, he said, “J&K UT now adheres to the norm of red carpet and not red tape.”

He explained that the new industrial scheme, which is part of the UT Administration’s comprehensive approach, aims to create a dynamic and favorable environment for growth in the following industries: agriculture, manufacturing, tourism & hospitality, health & pharmaceuticals, education & skill development, handicraft & handloom, IT & electronics, and manufacturing.

One of the government’s main goals for creating an e-society and securing long-term prosperity is digitalization. According to him, strengthening the connection between business and academia and making J&K one of the nation’s most vibrant R&D hubs are the goals of research and development.

Throughout the interactive session, the Lieutenant Governor also responded to questions from participants in the business and industrial communities.

The industrial sector in J&K, UT, and its development potential were thoroughly reviewed by Sh. Vikramjit Singh, Commissioner Secretary, Industries & Commerce Department.

There were officer bearers of the Chamber, representatives of different industries, and previous presidents of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce, Sh Sushil Agrawal and Sh RK Chhajer. KNS



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