Students from NIT Srinagar excelled in the 9th Vibrant India 2023 event
Students from NIT Srinagar excelled in the 9th Vibrant India 2023 event

Nov. 18, Srinagar: Students from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar made a lasting impression in the Engineering Promotion category of the 9th Vibrant India 2023 event, which took place from November 3 to 5 at Dilli Haat, Pitampura, New Dehli. They displayed incredible creativity and inventiveness.

According to a statement released by NIT, Prof. Sudhakar Yedla, Director of NIT Srinagar, expressed his sincere congratulations to the academic staff, scholars, and students for their outstanding accomplishments.


“I am overjoyed that the NIT Srinagar team won this esteemed national competition. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and hope that we get many more honors. These accolades are essential in inspiring us to go higher,” he said.

Only projects showcasing the NIT Srinagar delegation’s commitment to leading-edge research and development were on exhibit.
NIT Srinagar students’ unique abilities and experiences were shown at the showcase, which included anything from robotics developments to eco-friendly engineering solutions.
A groundbreaking project by Ishrat Nazeer and Anan Kataria, under the direction of Assistant Professor Ranjeet Kumar Rout in the Department of CSE at NIT Srinagar, “A Deep Machine Vision Framework for Decoding the Physiological Response of Saffron Plant to Stress for Forecasting Crop Loss Due to Biotic, Abiotic, and Climatic Factors,” was one of the most notable exhibits.

The initiative demonstrated NIT Srinagar’s dedication to practical, meaningful solutions while also impressing the judges.
Several other projects, such as “The Holodrone-X” project, were created by Pinak Pani Dixit, MSV Madhav, Tushar Kumar Mehra, and Ashvick Bandral, with assistance from Gausia Qazi, an associate professor in the department of ECE.

Under the supervision of H. S. Pali, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gowtham Narayanshetty and Yash Tiwari prepared a “standing wheelchair.” Nazir-ul-Islam, under the direction of Chilaka Ranga, Assistant Professor, Department of ELE, NIT Srinagar, presented “Effects of Extreme Climatic Conditions on Performance of Power and Distribution of Transformers.”



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