US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's third trip to the Middle East during a two-day cease-fire
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's third trip to the Middle East during a two-day cease-fire

November 28, 2023: This week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will make his third trip to the Middle East, with an emphasis on resolving various concerns in the area.

Blinken’s travels to Israel and the West Bank will focus on topics other than the current prisoner release scenario, such as guaranteeing Gaza’s continuous assistance, securing the release of all detainees, and improving safeguards for Gaza’s civilian population. He has come three times throughout the confrontation between Israel and Hamas.


Over 50 Israeli captives have been released as a result of Hamas’s recent release of 11 more, including a pair of three-year-old twins.

Israel has freed 33 Palestinians—including three women and 30 children—from its jails in return, increasing the total number of prisoners released by Israel to 150.

Under the brief ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, this exchange has become a regular occurrence late at night.

As the ceasefire was about to end, Qatar offered a two-day extension, to which Hamas and Israel have agreed.

According to US national security spokesperson John Kirby, Israel has released a list of 50 Palestinian women detainees who will be released during this extension, and Hamas has committed to releasing an additional 20 women and children.

More truckloads of food, gasoline, and medical supplies are arriving in the Gaza Strip, and humanitarian operations are ongoing. These necessities are being supplied by aid groups, but the UN stresses that these supplies are not enough to address the Gazans’ immediate needs.

As the combat has stopped, Gazans are making the most of their chance to stockpile supplies, get back to their homes, evaluate the damage, and get ready for the impending winter, which will bring wind and rain.



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