According to Director Colleges, a proposal to boost the remuneration of need-based academics is in the works.
According to Director Colleges, a proposal to boost the remuneration of need-based academics is in the works.

Baramulla, September 12: The proposal for a rise in the salary of need-based professors throughout the academic year at colleges has been started, according to the director of higher education institutions, Prof. (Dr. Yasmin Ashai). The finance division has the proposal.

When the idea is accepted, according to her, it will be put into action right away. She said at a function held by the women’s college in Baramulla on Tuesday that “the deserving principal secretary has taken the initiative and we hope it will be addressed soon.”


The lecturers working as need-based professors at several universities have been asking for pay increases in addition to their unpaid winter salary.

The Government Degree College for Women (GDC) in Baramulla hosted a programme dubbed the Home Fest with the subject “Epitome of Creativity,” where the director of colleges served as the principal guest.

Director Ashai addressed the audience and emphasised the importance of the National Education Policy 2020, which lays a major focus on increasing student employability and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit.

Professor Dr. Yasmin Ashai, who was speaking at the event, stated, “Just as we need food for sustenance, it’s crucial to comprehend how creatively we eat and choose the right foods.” She said that Home Fest is a programme run by the home science department of GDC Women’s College Baramulla that gives students a stage to display their abilities.

The event’s main focus was encouraging kids to be independent and entrepreneurial. The event gave students the chance to showcase their talents, including Mehandi painting and culinary inventions, in an effort to get them ready for future business endeavours.

According to Director Ashai, many students have already dabbled in business by using digital platforms to run cloud kitchens and accept online orders for baked items like cakes, particularly during festivals. They also got orders for their own handmade tomato sauce and pickles, which increased their enthusiasm to launch their own companies, she said.

The National Education Policy 2020’s goal of preparing the next generation for independence and innovation was aligned with the Home Fest, which not only honoured the students’ creative and culinary abilities but also encouraged them to investigate entrepreneurship.

The event attracted a lot of interest and praise, and it is anticipated that it will continue to motivate young people to discover their creative and entrepreneurial potential in the years to come. The celebration will go for two days.



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