ADG PIB urges media to highlight shortcomings in implementation of govt schemes
ADG PIB urges media to highlight shortcomings in implementation of govt schemes :File Pic

Additional Director General (ADG), PIB, Northern Region, Rajinder Chaudhry, advised the media to publish ground-level stories concentrating on the people who benefit from government initiatives during a press conference that took place on October 24 in Katra.

During an appearance on the Vartalap show with members of the media in the Katra area in the Reasi district, he made these statements.


The goal of PIB Jammu’s Vartalap is to close the gap between the general public and the media and the government.

In addition to this, he asked the media to use feedback systems in order to bring to the attention of the government any deficiencies that may have occurred during the execution of the development projects and schemes.

During a presentation titled “9 Years of Seva, Sushasan, and Gharib Kalyan,” the Additional Director General (ADG) said that a significant amount of progress has been made on the front of development in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in recent years.

He said that the area is in a very exceptional position since it now has its very own AIIMS, IIM, IIMC, and IIT.

He said that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has universal healthcare coverage while speaking about the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Mission.

“Similar achievements must be highlighted by the media; he called upon media persons attending the programme,” a spokeswoman reported him as saying.



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