In Pattan village, a migrant laborer suffocates to death
In Pattan village, a migrant laborer suffocates to death

Baramulla, Nov. 9: On Thursday, an unintentional fire in the Uri neighborhood of the Baramulla district of north Kashmir claimed the life of one Army soldier.

According to an Army official, the event happened while the soldier (name withheld) was traveling from Srinagar to Uri when his service weapon unintentionally went off, injuring him and killing him there and then.
He said, “The deceased’s body is at Field Hospital Uri.”


According to the officer, the matter is being investigated, and information on the occurrence is being gathered.

We are gathering information on the occurrence and determining the cause of the Army soldier’s death. After the investigations are finished, everything will be made public, he said.

The Army officer said that the event has been reported to the local police. This is the third instance that the Baramulla district of north Kashmir has recorded.

An Army officer shot himself on June 26, 2023, within the Baramulla camp with his military weapon, and he instantly passed away.

While on duty in Baramulla town on July 31, 2023, an Army soldier shot himself in the head with his service weapon.

In accordance with Section 174 of the CrPC, the inquiry into the matter has begun.



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