Apni Party conducts a public gathering in Anantnag | Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections must be held immediately: Altaf Bukhari's
Apni Party conducts a public gathering in Anantnag | Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections must be held immediately: Altaf Bukhari's

Srinagar, September 10: Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, President of the Apni Party, today asked New Delhi to conduct assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir as soon as possible.

He also urged the federal government to protect the people of Jammu and Kashmir’s constitutional rights, particularly their right to pick their own representatives to serve them. “This can be done by holding assembly elections here immediately,” Bukhari said.


According to a news release, he was speaking at a public gathering in Anantnag, south Kashmir. Local citizens and party employees packed the event, giving the party president and his fellow officials a standing ovation upon their arrival. According to a news release, the event was planned by the party’s Additional General Secretary, Hilal Ahmad Shah.

Altaf Bukhari renewed his call for rapid assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, saying, “I implore New Delhi not to deny the people of Jammu and Kashmir their constitutional right to choose their own representatives.” Given the lengthy history of volatility and instability in J&K, it is critical to protect people’s constitutional rights in order to build democracy and democratic principles in the area.”

“Anantnag district has the distinction of being politically sensitive, as the people of this region have always been vibrant in their political activities,” Apni Party president stated, urging people not to fall victim to conventional parties, particularly those with dynasties and their leaders. This region has produced a number of political figures, including seven Jammu and Kashmir chief ministers. However, in recent years, you have backed politicians who have imposed family control in this area. It is your obligation this time to be more careful and not to support dynasty politics.”

“These political dynasties were responsible for undermining the region’s political and constitutional status long before the BJP government repealed Article 370 on August 5, 2019.” Over the course of years and decades, they have been complacent in damaging the interests of this area and its people,” he continued.

Bukhari vowed that if the Apni Party is given a public mandate to serve the people in the next assembly elections, it would improve J&K’s socio-political and economic situation.

“The Apni Party is committed to protecting the people of J&K’s social, political, and economic rights,” he stated. We are motivated to effect good change because we believe that our country’s constitution gives individuals with all of the rights and opportunities they need to live a decent and productive life.”

“We have a clear vision for implementing measures that will benefit the people here economically.” We will combat increasing unemployment by leveraging our region’s vast natural resources and prospects, paving the way for our people’s economic development,’ he said.

He promised, “Apni Party’s government will ensure the regularisation of thousands of daily wagers working in various government departments; we will restore the centuries-old practise of ‘Darbar Move’; we will revise the New Mining Policy to ensure that local communities retain the rights to extract minerals from water bodies; and we will implement measures to control the sale and distribution of spirits in localities across the Valley.”

Bukhari urged everyone to devote their efforts to ensuring long-term peace in Jammu and Kashmir. “Maintaining law and order, as well as fostering peace and harmony, are critical because our interests are at stake,” he said. We just cannot bear any more damage and killing in this place. We must safeguard our youth and provide them fresh hope and opportunity for a better and more successful life. As a result, a calm and harmonious atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir is essential, and we must contribute to it.”



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