Apni Party in Observance of Fourth Foundation Day
Apni Party in Observance of Fourth Foundation Day

After the funeral for PAGD, Altaf Bukhari once again exposed the deceitful tactics of established parties.

March 8, Srinagar: According to Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, who made the statement on Friday, the conventional parties’ hypocritical strategies were once more exposed by their actions in burying the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD).

When he spoke to a group of party officials and senior workers here, he said that this new information has once again shown that the Apni Party is on the right track, standing up for truth and justice.
The event was planned to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Apni Party’s founding. There were a lot of individuals, both men and women, at the event. All around Jammu and Kashmir, people celebrated in a similar fashion. 


Omar Abdullah, president of the National Conference (NC), recently said that his party will run candidates for all three Lok Sabha seats in Kashmir and categorically rejected the idea of ceding any seats to the PDP. Mehbooba Mufti, president of the PDP, said that the NC’s action violated PAGD. 

With honesty and integrity, we established the Apni Party to lead our people and defend their rights. Everyone called us numerous names and criticized us. The formation of PAGD by traditional parties was an effort to conceal their corrupt political identities via deceit and masks. They lied and said they would restore Article 370, even though they were the ones responsible for its repeal. During the DDC elections, even these parties promised something to the people. By violating PAGD, they have now exposed themselves, Bukhari said. 

He pleaded with the public to hold the traditional party leaders to account for their actions both now and over the last seventy-two years. 

Bukhari added that he was hoping Prime Minister Narendra Modi would make some major announcements during his visit to Kashmir. He did, however, convey his desire for the prime minister to expedite the announcement of these critical choices. 

A strong indication that people are in support of peace and harmony was shown by the manner in which people in Kashmir thronged to the PM’s rally yesterday, he added. That the prime minister felt the passion of the people personally makes me glad. During his visit to Kashmir, we were hoping the prime minister would announce that Jammu and Kashmir would once again be a state. In addition, we were hoping for news on the upcoming assembly elections, the release of inmates, and the homecoming of our fellow Pandit brothers and sisters. But it did not occur. But I have faith that the prime minister will take into account these long-standing requests from the people of Jammu and Kashmir when he sees progress in the situation in Kashmir. 

Prior to the prime minister’s travel to Kashmir, the president of the Apni Party voiced his displeasure with the arbitrary arrest of several young people. 

As the Apni Party has gained public acceptance and popularity in the shortest period since its inception on March 8, 2020, today marks a significant milestone for all of us,” Bukhari said, extending his warm greetings to his fellow leaders and party workers on the foundation day anniversary. This party has become a dependable option in the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir; hence, it may be considered a success story. 

According to him, establishing a new political party that would support the people and listen to their voices was no picnic after August 2019. For months after Article 370 was repealed, the whole state of J&K was in a state of complete anarchy and uncertainty. All businesses and stores in J&K were shuttered, and communication lines were reduced when thousands of people were locked up in cells. Traditional parties and their leaders choose to stay quiet due to the situation’s extreme unpredictability. But we chose to stand up for the people and speak for them at that critical moment. 

According to Bukhari, at that time, everyone was worried that J&K would become less distinct due to demographic shifts. 

We persuaded the Prime Minister and senior government officials in Delhi to declare that the people of Jammu and Kashmir would have exclusive rights to the agricultural land and employment in this area at our first meeting with them. He promised that the Apni Party will work to get constitutional backing for their promise after they’ve won over the electorate.



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