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Nadia Farooq

The first ever location of Turquoise Turkish Ice Cream has opened in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, on July 11.

Moin Ayoub, a medical student at Harvard Medical School, and Abid Naseer, a biomedical engineering student at MIT, are the proud owners of a Turkish ice cream business.


They are a famous Turkish ice cream company that has opened a shop in Srinagar’s city mall, according to the employees there, who spoke with the local media. In 2016, we began exporting our ice cream to India. Since then, we have opened franchises over the globe, including in India. Udaipur, Karela, Rajasthan, Delhi, and other cities in India are just a few of the many cities where you may find our franchises.

An employee named Mohammad Farhan expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support shown to the business since its opening in Kashmir on July 8. According to him, the reception in Kashmir has been far more positive than in any of their other franchisees in the area. “We are two people from Delhi, working under the supervision of our company Turquoise, and we also have one local staff member with us,” Farhan said.

Mohammad Rizwan, another employee, has said that the franchise has found further sites in Kashmir where it intends to establish additional branches. More than thirteen franchisees have been created in India, and plans call for the opening of more locations around the country and beyond. It’s a Turkish idea that was only seen in big cities until recently, and now it’s in Kashmir, where it’s helping the local economy and giving people jobs.

Rizwan elaborated on the ice cream itself, saying it was authentic Turkish ice cream prepared in small batches. “We have been trained to make this ice cream in Delhi, and after opening the franchise, we train locals who, in turn, train others,” he said. The ice cream has a six-month shelf life since it’s prepared with milk. We make the ice cream here, then freeze it till it’s ready to sell.



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