Bhutan's King presents PM Modi with the highest civilian honor in the nation.
Bhutan's King presents PM Modi with the highest civilian honor in the nation.

New Delhi, Mar. 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the coveted “Order of Druk Gyalpo” from King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck in person, expressing the gratitude and admiration of the Bhutanese people for PM Modi’s outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment to fortifying the ties between Bhutan and India.

PM Modi became the first person from outside the country to be awarded this esteemed accolade.


Although the medal was recognized in December 2021, PM Modi received a personal presentation of it from the King today at a ceremony.

The event was a concrete way to honor and show thanks for PM Modi’s kindness and compassion.

In the meanwhile, PM Modi said, “Honored to be conferred with the ‘Order of the Druk Gyalpo’ Award by Bhutan,” in his statement on X. To the 140 crore Indians, I dedicate it.

In a speech given at the award ceremony, King Wangchuck conveyed his sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for his crucial assistance to Bhutan during the COVID-19 epidemic, highlighting the timely vaccinations provided by India that played a major part in Bhutan’s effective crisis management.

The King highlighted India’s economic progress under PM Modi’s leadership, describing it as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and on track to overtake the third biggest by 2030.

“Not only has his investment in renewable energy and commitment to environmental conservation propelled India’s progress, but it has also earned global acclaim for its holistic approach to development,” he added.

According to King Wangchuck, under PM Modi’s visionary leadership, India has not only become a thriving center of science and technology but has also cemented its moral authority and worldwide impact.

“India’s unwavering support for Bhutan’s national aspirations towards self-reliance and development is an exemplary example of how his ‘neighbourhood first’ policy has strengthened regional cooperation,” the speaker remarked.

According to the King, PM Modi’s “Order of Druk Gyalpo” symbolizes not only his accomplishments and contributions to the long-lasting friendship between India and Bhutan, but also India’s rise to prominence in the world under his leadership.

“It reinforces the unique connection between the two countries, founded on years of reciprocal admiration and collaboration,” he said.



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