Dabur, Sher-e-Kashmir University Teach Beekeeping
Dabur, Sher-e-Kashmir University Teach Beekeeping

Srinagar, Oct, 16 : residents of Jammu and Kashmir experienced frequent, unannounced power outages as a result of the serious electricity crisis the area is currently going through. The State General Secretary of the JDU in Jammu and Kashmir, Vivek Bali, has expressed great worry over the current situation and has asked the government to take prompt action to solve the power issue before the next winter season makes the difficulties that the people are now experiencing much more severe.

Power outages in Jammu and Kashmir are a source of frustration for local residents.


Because of electricity shortages, people in Jammu and Kashmir often experience power outages that are not planned in advance, which is a source of discomfort for them. In a statement, Vivek Bali called attention to the severe repercussions that have resulted from these power outages and encouraged the government to acquire extra power quotas as quickly as possible in order to improve the situation. He emphasised the need to take all of the required actions to solve the current severe power crisis, which is related to low power output from local hydroelectric projects as a result of decreased water flow in rivers. This is the primary cause of the power crisis.

Local hydroelectric projects can be affected when river flows are controlled more strictly.

According to Vivek Bali, the dry weather conditions that have been prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir for many months should have encouraged earlier preparation from the government in order to avoid the present power crisis from occurring. He said that Jammu and Kashmir should have been self-sufficient and should have had a power surplus, and he voiced his dismay at seeing a territory with such a high potential for electricity production struggling with such a dilemma.

Vivek Bali has issued a call for collaborative efforts to ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

Vivek Bali has asked the government of Jammu and Kashmir to take aggressive measures to address the electricity difficulties that the region is facing so that the people of Jammu and Kashmir do not have to suffer from power shortages, particularly during the hard winters that are coming up. He made a plea for cooperative efforts on the part of the relevant government authorities and a number of owners to address the power situation and make certain that the area would have a reliable and continuous supply of electricity.

In Jammu and Kashmir, there is now a power crisis, which directly contradicts the government’s claim that there would be a constant supply of electricity, especially in metered regions. Because of the difficulties that the people are going through, fast action is required to improve the electricity situation and make good on the pledge to provide continuous power supply.

In addition, Vivek Bali has requested that the government take prompt action in order to resolve the serious power shortage that is now plaguing Jammu and Kashmir. It is necessary to provide a steady and continuous power supply via coordinated efforts and preemptive measures, particularly before the beginning of the winter season, when power issues are projected to decrease. This is especially important to do before the start of the winter season.



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